Uniboob Model – Breast Implants Saga Shared with the Public

Posted April 20, 2023
Learn about the uniboob models breast implant saga

It was just last month when one of the most surgically enhanced women in the world announced that she was going to tone down her rather extreme look. This is the story of Mary Sebastian Pickles Magdalene, a thirty-year-old model who was born in Mexico and how she is showing off her new look after suffering from a “uniboob.”

Uniboob Model – How Did it Happen?

Uniboob ModelMary Magdalene recently earned the nickname, the “Uniboob Queen,” after one of her breast implants, size 38J, burst earlier this year.

Even though she has undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries in her lifetime, the model decided to have another procedure designed to reduce the size of her chest while also helping her lose twenty pounds.

During her breast reduction surgery, she switched out her 5000cc breast implants for a much smaller size of only 700cc. In addition, the removal of her overly large breast implants was what allowed her to lose twenty pounds.

As mentioned above, one of Mary’s 38J breast implants burst earlier this year which left her with only one breast implant (weighing eleven pounds) that she nicknamed the “uniboob.” After the breast reduction procedure, she is now a C cup when it comes to her breasts.

After her experience with the implant bursting in her chest, some of her followers were curious why she made the decision to get another set of breast implants. During an interview with TMZ, Mary said there was so much damage to her breast tissue that she does not have any tissue left over from her natural breasts.

It was also reported that she had liposuction performed at the same time as her breast reduction surgery.

Uniboob Model – Going Back to a Natural Look

Mary Magdalene showed the world the appearance of her smaller chest last month after she had her size-38J breast implants removed due to the burst implant that gave her a “uniboob.” She did tell her social media followers that she found a “good doctor” and that her scars were minor.

In addition to the removal of the breast implants, Mary also plans on dissolving her lip fillers and cheek fillers in order to return to a more natural look.

Even though she is getting many of the cosmetic enhancements removed from her body, she is still keeping her buttock implants. Mary has also tried to enhance the appearance of her booty beyond the implants by having multiple Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgeries as well as illegal injections of silicone.

While she has undergone numerous cosmetic surgery procedures, she seems ready to make a change in her life away from plastic surgery.

Uniboob Model – Plastic Surgery No More?

In a post on social media, Mary admitted to her fans that she has been “trapped in a never-ending cycle” of plastic surgery and was always trying to fix procedures that were botched in the past.

“It’s not a fun little adventure anymore, it’s just draining in every possible way. My time gets drained, my bank account, my energy, my health. And in the long run, you just kind of end up digging yourself into a really expensive time-consuming hole.”

Her story also included the revelation that she had her first plastic surgery at the age of eighteen. After a dozen years of multiple cosmetic procedures, the appearance of her body and face has completely changed.  While she had the “uniboob,” she was unafraid to show off the look of her one-sided chest to the public as she openly discussed her adventures in plastic surgery. She also insisted that she is not mentally ill (due to some people questioning her mental health on social media).

Mary has said that she views her multiple plastic surgeries as being like a hobby. She also compared her “hobby” of plastic surgery to trying “extreme sports.” Her comparison said that athletes are always trying to beat their records or scores in sports. In her case, she was trying to gain bigger results that were more extreme in appearance with each one of her plastic surgery procedures.

Uniboob Model – Happy with Her Breasts

The model recently had a breast reduction procedure and said she was “super happy” with the results since she no longer had 38J breast implants impacting other areas of her body. “My back feels awesome. Clothes fit unreal and when I’m talking to people they aren’t just staring at my tits.”

In addition to being happy with the current appearance of her breasts, Mary is also glad that she no longer has a “uniboob.” There were many of her fans who also felt the same way and were waiting for her to get rid of the appearance of her one-sided chest. However, there was a time when she made to decision to try and embrace the look of her “uniboob.” This was met with a comment from one of her fans who said, “You’re amazing! Only you can make uniboob hot!”

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