Sweater Weather Sensation - Sweater Boob Surgery Revealed

Posted November 06, 2023
Learn about the trend of smaller breast implants

The decision to have breast augmentation surgery is often made to gain a larger breast size that people will notice. On the other hand, there are some women who do not like the idea of “out there” boobs that are created thanks to breast implants but they would still like to have a larger size to their breasts. Keep reading to learn about female patients who are choosing to have breast augmentation surgery for fashion and comfort instead of drawing attention to the fresh look of their breasts.

Sweater Boob Surgery – Reasons for the Trendy Procedure

In a recent interview with a New York newspaper, Lauren (last name withheld by her) shared that she was not happy with her size 32A chest as they did not reflect the femininity, she feels about herself. The smaller breasts did not even fill out a sweater that was form-fitting. Lauren made the decision to have sweater boob surgery for reasons of fashion and not to draw attention to her larger breasts.

She told the newspaper, “I got the sweater boob surgery because I wanted to look good and feel good in professional settings. I feel more confident in my outfits. It’s the aesthetic I’ve always wanted.” Lauren changed her breast size to a plump but not overly large 32C.

Another reason behind the trend is the rise in cozy fashions that came about during the pandemic. Because females were able to dress in slightly relaxed fashions while working at home, many working moms and other millennial and Gen Z patients are looking to boost their breast size in a smaller way.

Sweater Boob Surgery – How Did the Name Come About?

Sweater Boob SurgeryThis trending cosmetic surgery came to be known by those in New York as the “sweater boob” surgery thanks to the nickname given to the breast augmentation procedure by a pair of plastic surgeons located on the Upper East Side.

After decades of women asking for overly large breasts like they viewed on TV or in the movies, many women are now choosing a look that is more subtle in appearance.

As one plastic surgeon told the newspaper, “Patients used to provide us with inspiration photos of [well-endowed] women in bikinis or topless. But over the past year, we’ve noticed a trend of women asking for smaller, more elegant implants because they want to look good in their everyday clothes.”

“Here in the Northeast, we’re dealing with cold weather most of the time. My office is seeing more inspiration pictures of women in tight sweaters because our patients want subtle breast enhancements that complement their fall and winter wardrobe.”

Sweater Boob Surgery – Trend Reported to the Public

In a report discussing current plastic surgery trends from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons back in January, information was shared stating “People now want to be moderately breasted…It’s a trend [away] from the very voluptuous feminine look we have seen previously.”

There have been reports about fashion leaders such as Chrissy Teigen making the decision to go for a smaller breast size. Teigen revealed in 2020 that she had her breast implants removed due to a wish to “zip [into] a dress in my size.”

There have also been reports about Olivia Rodrigo having a set of low-volume breast implants placed in the body in order to gain a look that has more roundness and an enhanced projection while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Sweater Boob Surgery – Techniques Discussed

One doctor who performs the procedure on a regular basis told the newspaper, “The techniques of the sweater boob procedure are similar to those used in most other breast augmentation surgeries.” However, the recovery period is shorter in length since the breast implants are smaller in size.

“The difference is in the size.” In addition to the implants, the doctor will sometimes perform fat transfer by taking some extra fat from the stomach and placing it in the breast area so the area with the smaller breast implant will enjoy a softer look. “Now women are only going up about one cup size, whereas [in the 2010s] they were going up three and four sizes.”

Sweater Boob Surgery – One Mother Speaks Out

Eve, a married mother of three, told the newspaper she went from a size 36A to a full 36B after undergoing the surgery earlier this year. While the change in size might not be major, she feels that her look has greatly improved.

“Being able to wake up in the morning, put on a cute sweater without a bra and head out the door for work has completely changed my life. I feel so much cuter, so much sexier when I get dressed each day, because I’m able to wear whatever I want and still look modest.”

She added, “Last year, my son was late to school every day because it would take me so long to find something to put on. Now he’s on time every day because this surgery has made my life so much easier. I love that I have these small breasts that stand up, look natural and make me feel good about what I’m wearing.”

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