Woman Tries to Get Coworker Fired Due to Plastic Surgery

Posted November 21, 2023
Terminated for gossiping about coworkers breast augmentation

Once a person has plastic surgery, it seems like there is always someone else who is ready to comment on their new look or criticize the person who had the procedure. There are times when the comments about plastic surgery seem to be made for no particular reason while there are other times when there is a goal the person commenting on the treatment has in mind. One recent example is a woman who seemed to try and get her coworker fired for having plastic surgery.

Woman Tries to Get Coworker Fired – A Reddit Post Tells the Tale

Breast Implant after mastectomyIn a post on Reddit with the title, “My coworker tried to get me fired over my breast implants, so implanted her back into unemployment,” the woman who received the breast implants began her story by saying that her family medical history is the reason she had the surgery.

Her mother passed away from breast cancer four years before her experience with breast implants. In addition, both of her grandmothers passed away from the same disease. Because of the death of her mother and her family history, the woman decided to have a cancer screening. This screening revealed the presence of pre-cancerous cells in one of her breasts. Her treatment options included having regular cancer screenings every three to four months, having one of her breasts removed, or having both breasts removed to completely eliminate the chance of having the same disease as her mother and grandmothers.

She decided to have a double mastectomy and was shocked after the surgery by the appearance of two “huge, pink, jagged scars on either side of my chest, each about an inch long and half an inch wide.” The formation of these large scars caused her to fall into depression to the point that her therapist recommended she have plastic surgery.

She eventually had breast implants placed in her body and, once the surgery was completed, she said her self-confidence, mental health, and self-esteem had all improved. She did not know that her breast implants would later be a subject of controversy at her place of employment.

Woman Tries to Get Coworker Fired Due to Plastic Surgery – What Happened?

Four years after she had breast implant surgery, one of her fellow workers found out about the surgery and started to share that news around the office. Jill, a colleague of the woman with breast implants, heard the Reddit poster telling some friends about the breast implants. Jill then decided to start sharing the breast implants news and even called the woman “more plastic than Barbie” as well as calling her a “sack of silicone.”

The Reddit poster was not sure what she had done to cause her coworker to start telling her private business to others, so she decided to confront the nosy coworker in private. Unfortunately, Jill kept telling the story while also calling the poster “shallow” and even pointing towards her breasts in the lunchroom in front of other employees.

The poster finally had enough and angrily told Jill why she decided to get breast implants and for Jill to not talk about subjects where she didn’t have enough details to know the whole story.

Woman Tries to Get Coworker Fired Due to Plastic Surgery – Issue Goes to Human Resources

The poster said the office was divided with some people supporting her and others thinking she was wrong to confront Jill. The human resources department called her into the office to talk about the “hostile work environment.” Plus, Debbie in human resources was Jill’s friend and she was assigned to the investigation.

The Reddit poster believed that Debbie running the investigation was a conflict of interest and she started to gain support from coworkers who also made statements regarding Jill’s behavior. She also asked for Debbie to not be the person overseeing the investigation. Debbie was taken off the lead, but she still had some input into the investigation along with three other members of the HR team.

Within an hour, the amount of evidence in the case resulted in Jill being terminated from the company. The poster said, “5pm rolls around, everyone is either leaving or getting ready to leave, when Jill storms back into the office. She glares at me the whole time she packs up her desk. She then starts telling anyone who will listen that I got her fired before shoving her way onto the lift.”

Plastic Surgery – A Personal Choice

As mentioned above, the Reddit poster made the personal decision to have the surgery and also enjoyed an increase in her confidence, image, and mental health. The choice to have plastic surgery is not one that everyone wants to share with the public or they only want to tell the friends and family members they trust the most. The Reddit poster was obviously not happy with the whole office knowing about her breast implant surgery and decided to take the steps she felt were necessary to address the issue and defend her choice.22



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