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I have a gummy smile and I’ve been unhappy with it for a long time. I previous treated this with Botox and I loved how it looked. I’m worried that if I get my gums contoured, too much of my teeth will show. Is this something that can happen?
My teeth are very small and it makes my smile look very “beady”. How can I enlarge my teeth to have them look more aesthetically pleasing?
What are the pros and cons of traditional braces compared to the Invisalign?
I am a 28 year old woman who is at a normal weight, but my jawline appears full and manlier than I would like. Is there any way to make my jawline look more feminine?
I have a very gummy smile but I can quite afford veneers right now. Would gum contouring improve my smile and what are some of the risks associated with it?
I am a 40 year old woman who lives in a very humid climate. Due to excessive sweating and sebum production in my skin, my pores appear very large. Will Botox help my pores look smaller or will another skin treatment do that?
My doctor recommended removing 1 mil of my gums in a gum contouring procedure. Would this even be noticeable?
1. My teeth are not straight and have a general crooked aesthetic but I do not want to get braces, are there any cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help me straighten my teeth in a different way?
I hate that my teeth don't start until a very low point in my smile. The gums are overbearing in my appearance. Want to reduce this look.
I have had severe wrinkling in my forehead area and want to have a wrinkle free look, but I do not want the Botox to take away my natural facial expressions, especially in the brow area.