Cosmetic Town Privacy Notice

1. Overview: Cosmetic Town respects your privacy and this Privacy Notice is to inform you in regards to the overall disclosure and use of your information when it comes to our site. Disclosing this information allows you to make an informed decision on your level of interaction with, and usage of, our site. Any content that you post on Cosmetic Town is considered to be “published content” and, as such, is subject to the terms and conditions of both our Terms of Service and our Privacy Notice.
2. Privacy of Minors: Cosmetic Town does not knowingly collect information that will personally or indirectly identify children that are 13 years of age or younger. No part of our website is intended for use by anyone 13 years of age or younger. If you, or someone you know, is age 13 or younger, please do not participate in any discussions or use any part of the Cosmetic Town website now or at any point in the near future. Any users of the website discovered to be 13 years of age or younger will be barred from accessing the website and any previous posts or information will be immediately deleted by the Cosmetic Town staff.
3. U.S. Usage: Please note that Cosmetic Town is primarily intended for use by citizens of the United States and is governed by the laws of the United States. Any international users that post on, and use, the Cosmetic Town site are considered to be transferring their information to the United States and knowingly consent to that transfer.
4. Information Overview: By using the Cosmetic Town website, you knowingly provide information that can potentially identify you to other users of the site through the use of posts, email addresses, screen names and signing up for newsletters and any other mailing lists. In addition, if you provide any third-party account information (such as a log-in or social media site info) to us, you give your consent to the transmissions as well as any information or content that may be transmitted to your account on Cosmetic Town. Visiting the Cosmetic Town website may result in our sending cookies to your computer in order to identify your browser. It is your responsibility to either reset your browser in order to refuse cookies or to show you when a cookie is sent to your computer. Please note that not all sections of the Cosmetic Town website will function properly if any and all cookies are disabled. Visiting the Cosmetic Town website will result in our servers automatically recording information from your computer including your IP address, browser type, web request, browser language, number of clicks, landing pages, pages viewed, the order in which they were viewed and other information including cookies that identify your browser.
5. Use of Information: Any information you share on the Cosmetic Town Forum message boards (including user name, posts and comments) or any other part of the site is considered to be shared voluntarily and can be seen, collected and used by others. This does not include your email address on our forums. Please note that other Cosmetic Town users many try to contact you through our site. The content you submit is also subject to redistribution through media channels and the Internet. We will only send you marketing message or commercial messages with your consent as well as the ability to opt-out of receiving them at any time. However, we will send you unsolicited messages to inform you of any changes to our site or to contact you for the purpose of customer service.
6. Information Disclosure: Cosmetic Town will not share any information that personally identifies you with any third-party companies for their own marketing or commercial use without your consent or as part of a program where you have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of the program. We do share information that does not personally identify you (such as User usage data, referring URLs and pages, number of clicks, etc.) with third-parties who are interested in learning more information about certain usage trends and patterns for ads, promotions and certain Cosmetic Town content.
7. Search for Doctors in Your Area: Cosmetic Town offers its users a feature called “Search for Doctors in Your Area”. This feature allows users to connect with doctors who are featured on our site. Your use of this feature means that you voluntarily give the contacted doctor’s office your personal information as well as information about your desired treatment as transmitted to them through the Cosmetic Town website. This information is only provided to the doctor’s office and is not used by Cosmetic Town for any other purposes.
8. State and Federal Laws: If required by state or federal laws, we will release information that personally identifies you as well as information that does not personally identify you. We will also release the information to comply with a subpoena, search warrant, court order or if the information release is necessary to enforce our Terms of Services as well as necessary to protect the safety or rights of the users of our website.
9. Decline to Provide Information: You do have the option to not provide any information that will personally identify you to Cosmetic Town. If you decline to provide this information, please be aware that certain sections of the Cosmetic Town website might not be able to provide full services to you when you visit our site. You can update your information at any time in the future when you visit the profile page of your account.
10. Security: In order to securely protect your privacy and provide your account with security, you need a unique password to sign-in each time you visit our site. The password is necessary to verify your identity before providing you access to your account. It is your responsibility to keep your password secret from other users. While Cosmetic Town has safeguards in place to preserve the security of your personal information, we are unable to completely secure any content or information you might share on Cosmetic Town. Making any posts or creating any content needs to be done at your own risk. Also, your content and information might be altered or accessed or damaged by any unforeseen breach of any of our safeguards currently in place or any future safeguards. In the event of a security breach, Cosmetic Town may attempt to contact you to inform you of the breach as well as post a message on our site to inform all users of the breach.
11. Privacy Notice Updates: The privacy notice of Cosmetic Town might be updated in the future and any revisions will be noted with a “Revised On” date on this page. It is the responsibility of Cosmetic Town users to visit this page on a regular basis to see if any revisions have been made to the privacy notice. Your continued use of Cosmetic Town and its features serves as your agreement to any future revisions.
12. Deleting User Data: Users can request for their personal data to be deleted by contacting us at info@cosmetictown.comm or through the “Delete Profile“ button on the user`s personal page.