Plastic Surgery Mix-Up - Breast Lift Patient Wakes Up to Additional Procedures

Posted December 04, 2023
Patient gets BBL and breast implants instead of breast lift

The decision to travel to another country for a plastic surgery procedure is known as medical tourism. While it might seem like a good idea, the final results are not always what the patient expected once they made the journey to another country. Let’s begin our tale of plastic surgery panic on the part of a patient who visited Mexico for one procedure and woke up from surgery to discover the doctor performed additional surgeries on her body.

Plastic Surgery Mix-Up – Patient Surprised When She Woke Up After Surgery

Patient gets wrong surgery in MexicoIt was recently revealed that a sixty-five-year-old woman from Washington went to Tijuana, Mexico to have a breast lift as well as surgery to remove loose skin on the body. However, she woke up from surgery to discover she had undergone a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and had breast implants placed in her body.

Kimberly McCormick first visited the medical clinic in Mexico around six years ago to have weight loss surgery. That procedure was performed with no issues, so she decided to go back in October of this year to undergo a breast lift and also remove loose skin that was located on the thighs, arms, legs, and stomach. Once she woke up after the surgery, she started to feel some soreness in her chest and soon came to the realization that the medical clinic placed breast implants in her body instead of performing a breast lift.

When she asked about the reason for the different procedure being performed, the medical coordinator of the clinic made the claim that Kimberly had actually requested to have breast implant surgery. In addition, the surgeon gave her a Brazilian butt lift instead of the requested procedure to remove loose skin on the body. Her daughter attempted to address the issue of her mom being placed in a dirty room for recovery and then developing a severe infection. Instead of letting the daughter speak to an administrator, it was reported that she was pushed out of the way by armed men while she was yelling for answers in the hallway of the medical facility.

Plastic Surgery Mix-Up – Mother and Daughter Speak Out

Kimberly McCormick feels that her body has been “disfigured: and she is also facing about $75,000 in medical bills. When she realized what had happened, she told a news outlet, “I called my daughter bawling because I had woken up with huge breasts.” She also said that part of her lung had collapsed due to the unwanted medical procedures.

The daughter, Misty Ann McCormick, said the lips of her mom were blue, her fingers were turning blue, and her oxygen monitor was not properly attached once she was able to see Kimbely after the surgery.

Misty also went into further details about her encounter with the security guards. The daughter said she was threatened, assaulted, and removed from the hospital by individuals who had machine guns and claimed to be members of the Tijuana police. “I was manhandled, beaten with machine guns, kicked in my ribs, kicked between my legs, thrown out of the hospital physically. I have a giant wound on the back of my head from getting hit with the butt of the machine gun.” Misty added, “Inside I’m thinking, my mom’s up there and I can’t leave her. I get to the door, and he pushes me hard, and there is this cement ramp and I just go flying.”

The mother and daughter said the medical clinic forced them to pay an amount that was $2500 more than the pre-paid price using the reason that Kimbelry was there for a longer recovery period. Kimberly also said a representative from the hospital extorted her for money by threatening to have her imprisoned in Mexico if she did not pay her bill. She was also forced to sign a form that suggested she actually wanted to undergo the unexpected surgical procedures.

The women were finally able to leave the facility and took a van to San Diego so Kimberly could be examined in an emergency room after they checked into a hotel. (The family is currently trying to raise money for the unexpected medical bills as well as the cost of reversing the unwanted surgical procedures through the establishment of a GoFundMe page).

Plastic Surgery Mix-Up – No Help from the Authorities

When they contacted the police in the United States, the family ran into additional difficulties. They say the police in San Diego dismissed their issues and laughed at them while telling the family to contact the police in Tijuana. They plan to file a report with the FBI to try and get some additional help in their battle with the medical facility in Mexico.

Plastic Surgery Mix-Up – Final Words from the Patient

Kimberly advises the public to do proper research about the medical facility they want to visit and to not agree to a surgical procedure that sounds too good to be true. “I think I’m lucky that I’m here. I’m lucky the damage isn’t any worse. However, I’m looking at another surgery because the implants they put in are so big. I don’t have enough skin to enclose them. They are not healing.”

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