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Cosmetic Town Ranking: Trust. Experience. Results.

The Cosmetic Town Ranking System shows new and existing patients what they can expect when visiting their doctor of choice. Our intelligent algorithm focuses on cosmetic surgery to determine the ranking of doctors. Some of the factors the algorithm takes into account include the level of patient satisfaction with physician services, the overall skill level of the cosmetic surgeons and continuing education efforts on the part of the doctor including patient education and articles written on a regular basis to share with their peers. Both public and user-submitted date are used to determine the doctor rankings on our site.

Real Experiences Paired With Real Doctor Data

The patient user experience is a vital part of ranking the doctors you find on Cosmetic Town. Based on your good, bad and in-between experiences with your cosmetic doctor of choice, your feedback and doctor reviews inform other patients and let doctors know how they are viewed by their patients.

The Trusted Cosmetic Doctor Ranking System

Our intelligent algorithm is unique in its ability to rank doctors on an ongoing basis. Our system relies on the input of actual patients which makes the results trustworthy and up to date as we continually review and update the real world results provided by patient input and the peer education efforts of our doctors.
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How Cosmetic Town Ranking Works?

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Patients look for doctors with the experience to provide natural looking results that are also long lasting. Our ranking system shows patients the amount of experience the doctors have as well as the procedures they perform on a regular basis.
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Patient Education

Patient education is vital when it comes to learning about cosmetic procedures. We use the amount of patient education doctors offer on a regular basis to rank them.
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Patient Satisfaction

It doesn't matter how much experience a doctor has if patients are not satisfied with their final results. We also take the entire patient experience into account (satisfaction with the doctor and his staff, medical facilities, etc.) when ranking the doctors on our site.
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Skill Level

You will want to choose a doctor that has the necessary experience to provide the results you desire whether the technique being performed has been used for years or if it is an emerging technique just starting to grow in popularity.
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Peer Sharing

Doctors are busy people who rely on their fellow medical professionals to keep them up to date & informed on changes in existing techniques & new procedures being researched & tested. Our intelligent algorithm examines the amount of educational articles the doctors write & share on a regular basis.