Brow Lift

Brow lift, AKA a forehead lift, lifts tissues above the eyebrows to reverse the effects of gravity, tighten soft forehead tissue and give a better contour along the eyebrows, forehead and upper eyelids. An open brow lift is when a long incision is made across the forehead following the hairline or within a crease of the forehead. The skin is lifted from the underlying tissues and muscles are loosened to remove fat and excess skin. The remaining skin is pulled down and stitched into position. An endoscopic brow lift sees tiny incisions made on the scalp before inserting an endoscope to stretch the forehead tissues so the tissues can be anchored into place.

Patients with sagging brows are good candidates for a brow lift. In addition, those with frown lines and early signs of aging can benefit from a brow lift. Older patients with deep creases that run horizontal across the forehead and patients who suffer from furrows across the top of the nose and between the eyebrows are ideal candidates for the procedure.

The average cost of a brow lift is $5000-$12,000. The cost varies according to the extent of the work that is performed, the brow lift technique used by the doctor, any fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the geographic location of the surgery.

The results from a brow lift will start to be visible after the majority of the swelling and bruising has subsided. Within six months, the final results will be visible after the incisions made by the doctor have healed. Any scars will likely be hidden by the hairline. The results of a brow lift are long lasting. While gravity will continue to pull the skin down as the aging process continues, the wrinkles and frown lines located in the brow area should never be as severe as they were before the surgery.

Pretrichial Temporal Browlift

Pretrichial Temporal Browlift

submitted on   Tue Dec, 08, 2015 by John Martin, MD     
Pretrichial temporal brow lift addresses the sagging of the lateral or temporal brow. Sagging in this area of the brow is known as hooding and it can impact the line of vision as well as cause a person to look fatigued. Pretrichial temporal brow lift is also known as subcutaneous brow lift and...