Cosmetic Surgery "Zoom Boom" - Will the Trend Continue?

Posted October 12, 2021
Will the cosmetic surgery boom continue

Even though the multiple lockdowns related to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has caused many industries to suffer, the medical aesthetics and plastic surgery industry has actually thrived during this global health crisis. This was not the case in the beginning as COVID caused a wave of appointment cancellations and some patients were simply afraid to visit offices for in-person treatments. However, the time spent at home actually resulted in people spending a good amount of time in online meetings. The rise in popularity of online meetings meant workers spent a lot of time looking at their appearance. Many people did not like what they were seeing on their computer screens and decided to address the issue through cosmetic surgery.

Zoom Results in a "Boom" for the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

While the idea of working from home was appealing since employees no longer had a commute or a formal dress code, they also started to notice some things they did not like about their appearance when viewing their look on Zoom. Even though some of the flaws in their appearance might have been due to less-than-ideal lighting or camera angles, the daily "digital mirror" created by Zoom started to have a negative effect on the self-image of some workers.

The growth in employees working at home also resulted in a growth in the overall interest and desire to have cosmetic surgery across the globe. The United States saw a 10\\% increase in the plastic surgery and medical aesthetics business while Italy showed a 15\\% increase and France recorded a 20\\% increase in their numbers.

People who had never considered having a procedure in the past were starting to entertain the idea because they could recover at home and away from the view of others. They also had more money available to use for cosmetic surgery because they were saving money by working at home and not going on vacations. 

Increase in Cosmetic Surgery - Will it be a Continuing Trend?

As more people started to pay greater attention to their facial features, they started to have procedures ranging from Botox and fillers to brow lifts and rhinoplasty

While it is natural to assume that the "Zoom Boom" created by the coronavirus pandemic will not have staying power as employees start to head back to the office, there are some factors that are suggesting otherwise. 

For example, a recent survey by Global Workplace Analytics shows that two-thirds of workers want to continue the practice of working at home instead of returning to the office. In addition, 36\\% of those surveyed would rather continue working from home instead of getting a pay raise.

Another factor to keep in mind are the 2020 statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These statistics reveal that the average of a patient has fallen to around 37 years old. Since the oldest members of the millennial generation will turn 38 years old this year, it is quite likely that they will start to visit cosmetic surgeons in a greater number in the future.

When these factors are combined with a decrease in the stigmatization that surrounded cosmetic procedures in the past, there is a good chance that the increased trend of having cosmetic surgery will continue in the future.

All of the above information means that now is a good time to visit a doctor to discuss a desired cosmetic surgery procedure whether it is invasive or noninvasive. It is also a good time to discuss options as many procedures can be performed with the healing process completely out of sight of the view of a computer camera (such as breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift AKA a BBL).

"Zoom Boom" and Cosmetic Procedures - What are the Next Steps?

Anyone that is interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery needs to contact the cosmetic surgeon of their choice to learn more about having a procedure. It is important to perform proper research about the doctor before making an appointment to have a cosmetic treatment. Read reviews from actual patients and see if the doctor has any "before and after" photos of actual patients on the practice website.

Once a consultation appointment is made, the doctor will take the time to examine the patient and ask questions about why the person wants to have the specific cosmetic procedure. It is important for the doctor to make sure the person that wants to have the procedure desires the treatment on their own and is not being pressured or persuaded by another person.

The doctor will also set realistic expectations so the person will not be disappointed by the final results. Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the type of results that can be expected, as well as the treatment option that will provide the best results, the cosmetic surgery can be scheduled and performed. 

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