Bachelorette Plastic Surgery Speculation - A Look at Kaitlyn Bristowe Gossip

Posted August 06, 2021
Kaitlyn Bristowe host of Bachelorette plastic surgery speculation

As the season finale of “The Bachelorette” approaches this Monday night, fans of the show are divided on a number of topics:

  • Will Katie choose Justin or Blake?
  • Did Greg gaslight Katie by trying to manipulate her into saying she loved him?
  • Was Greg right to storm out or was it all an act on his part?
  • Will Katie leave the show still single?

And one of the most pressing questions:

  • Has Kaitlyn Bristowe, one of the hosts of the show, had plastic surgery?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Addresses Plastic Surgery Speculation

The subject of plastic surgery and the appearance of Kaitlyn Bristowe is not a new topic. Fans of this TV franchise have long commented on her changing appearance since she first made her “Bachelor Nation” debut in 2015 (the Chris Soules season).

Bristowe addressed the gossip about her appearance in a post on Twitter that read, “So sick of women commenting on my face.” She decided to follow-up on that comment by addressing exactly what has been done, or not been done, to her face.

In April of this year, Bristowe told her Instagram followers that she was currently at the office of a plastic surgeon. However, she made sure to point out to her followers that she was not at the office to get any kind of work performed on her face.

On her Instagram post, she wrote “Everyone seems to think I always go under the knife for surgery, but I haven’t till now.”

While this comment would naturally lead the public to think she was having some type of work done on her face, she actually revealed that she was having surgery on her earlobes! After so much time wearing heavy earrings, the holes where she placed the earrings had stretched out over the years. In her Instagram comments, she noted she was having a corrective process that would take about 15 minutes while making sure to let the public know she was not having any type of facial cosmetic surgery.

Kaitlyn Bristowe – The Aging Process and Her Different Appearance

Her Instagram posts were not the only time she was compelled to address the issue of plastic surgery and her appearance. She was tagged in a post on Twitter by a social media user that said something seemed “different” about her appearance. However, the person on Twitter said they couldn’t definitively tell what was different about her appearance.

In response to this Twitter comment, Bristowe took a moment to remind the person that regular viewers of the “Bachelor” first viewed her appearance six years ago. She also pointed out that she has been getting older during that six-year time frame.

As part of her response, Bristowe wrote “6 years since I was on the show. Brow lift, brow microblading, got my teeth bonded, some filler in my lips, aging, darker hair and I finally learned how to contour. Oh and I put on some weight.”

The previous comment was not her only reply to people commenting on her changing appearance. Another commentor wrote “She doesn’t even look like the same person. Would never guess it was her.” Bristowe hit back with the comment, “Hahaha. Unrecognizable Kaitlyn Bristowe goes under the knife for ear lobe plastic surgery.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Brow Lift – Botox Admission during a Social Media Video

After commenting that she had a brow lift in the past, Bristowe felt the need to post a video on Twitter to clarify exactly what she meant when she talked about having a brow lift. One of the reasons she felt the need to post the video was the reaction of her friends to the statement. According to Kaitlyn, her friends were freaking out because they thought the statement meant she had this surgical procedure.

“Let me clarify brow lift because I’m having a chuckle over here. Brow lift, I didn’t go under the knife. All of my friends were like ‘WHAT?’ No I just got Botox to lift the brows. Yeah.”

The revelation that the “brow lift” was performed using Botox was not the first time she has admitted to undergoing Botox treatments. As recently as February of this year, Bristowe told her fans she enjoys adding different colors to her hair along with “using fun make up, fake lashes, skincare. I also like a little filler and botox.”

Bachelor Nation Fascination with Kaitlyn Bristowe

The ongoing interest in the appearance of Kaitlyn Bristowe shows just how much the fans of “The Bachelor’ and “The Bachelorette” enjoy following their favorite contestants from past seasons as well as the current season. While the attention from the public might be fun at times, it can also be frustrating as shown by Kaitlyn’s need to address the plastic surgery gossip surrounding her appearance.

It seems certain that her fans will continue to discuss her appearance just as it seems certain she will need to set the record straight again at some point in the future.

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