Zoom Teeth Whitening - How to Get a Brighter Smile

Posted August 18, 2021
Learn all about zoom teeth whitening

The desire to have a white, bright smile is one shared by many people. Some want a white smile to stand out at work with clients and customers while others want to get the same smile they see on celebrities on the red carpet. One of the most popular methods of gaining a bright smile is Zoom teeth whitening which can lighten and improve the shading of teeth that are stained or discolored. If you are interested in this cosmetic dentistry method for whitening the teeth, take a look at the informative article below.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Explained

Before the Zoom teeth whitening treatment is performed, the dentist will clean the teeth of the patient and also make sure there are not any dental issues that might impact the final results.

The dentist applies a gel to the teeth and the surrounding soft tissue to protect these areas. A large concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel is then applied to the teeth on a custom-fitted tray or by using a small brush. A UV light, that comes from an overhead lamp, is targeted at the teeth in order to activate the gel. The UV light allows the oxygen to break apart any stains while also entering the enamel and dentin layer of the teeth.

In general, the UV light remans on the teeth for about 15 minutes before it is removed in order to place more gel on the teeth. Once the new amount of gel is on the teeth, the process is repeated for another 15 minutes. In total, the process is performed three times by the dentist. Once the procedure is over, a sensitivity-reducing gel is placed on the teeth.

The patient is sent home with take-home bleaching trays to place on the teeth, along with bleaching gel tubes, for around two weeks. The gel will need to be placed in the tray and applied to the teeth for around 15 minutes when continuing the treatment at home.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Recovery and Results

The performance of Zoom whitening can cause the teeth to have some sensitivity to them once the treatment is over (and even during the treatment) thanks to the heat from the UV light. Any type of tingling sensation felt by patients after the procedure will resolve on its own.

Patients will not need to plan for any downtime after they have the treatment, and they can immediately resume all of their activities. In order to maintain the results, they should not consume anything that can easily stain the teeth such as red wine and coffee. The bleaching of the teeth can open the porous surface of the teeth enamel and allow stains to easily soak into the teeth.

The results of Zoom teeth whitening can provide an immediate, and significant, amount of teeth brightening. In addition, the shade of the teeth will lighten in the weeks after the treatment thanks to the performance of in-home teeth whitening.

The length of the results depends on whether or not the patient avoids eating and drinking certain foods and beverages which can stain the teeth. It is important to brush the teeth soon after having these types of food or beverages in order to sustain the results and keep the teeth white and bright. It is also important to practice proper oral hygiene to maintain the results. The results will usually last anywhere from 18-24 months and patients can have additional treatments to maintain the results.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Limitations

Patients with bridges, crowns and other inorganic restorations in the mouth need to know that these cosmetic dentistry materials are not able to be lightened by teeth whitening techniques. In order to get them to match the results of Zoom teeth whitening, it might require new restorations being placed by the cosmetic dentist. If patients do not make any changes or updates to their dental restorations, they stand the chance of having results that feature uneven shades on their teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Risks

The procedure of lightening the teeth with Zoom teeth whitening can be painful for someone that has issues with their jaw such as temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). These patients should consult with their dentist to make sure the treatment is an ideal option for them.

Patients should expect to experience some sensitivity to the teeth for around 48 hours. In extreme cases, some patients might experience some damage to the root of a tooth. They might also suffer some minor burns to the treated area if some of the peroxide used by the dentist ends up touching another area of the mouth than the teeth.

Anyone interested in having Zoom teeth whitening should schedule a consultation appointment with their dentist to discuss the pros and cons of the treatment. The dentist can also examine the current condition of the teeth to make sure the results desired by the patient can be achieved by having the procedure.

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