Woman Spends Thousands on Dimple Surgery - Dimpleplasty Details

Posted December 05, 2023
Dimpleplasty surgery explained

Cosmetic surgery involves a different choice for each patient in terms of how many procedures they undergo. Some patents are content to make only one change to a body part or their appearance while others want to undergo numerous procedures in order to make a substantial change in their overall look. Keep reading to learn about a woman who recently had dimpleplasty after already spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.

Dimpleplasty Patient – Spends Thousands on Procedure

Patient gets cosmetic surgery to acheive dimples in cheeksErin Paige Melendrez is a twenty-eight-year-old from New Mexico who had already spent $60,000 on cosmetic surgery when she made the decision to spend $2300 on dimpleplasty. The procedure involves the creation of small indentions in the face in order to produce the appearance of dimples. Erin said it took about six months for the dimples to attain a natural look and she is very happy with the results.

In addition to creating dimples on her face, Erin has also spent an estimated $60,000 on additional cosmetic enhancements to her appearance. These procedures include two rhinoplasty surgeries, breast implants, “cat-eye” surgery,” Botox, laser hair removal, porcelain veneers (twice), and “illegal butt injections” in her early twenties.

When asked about her dimpleplasty surgery, Erin said “After dimple surgery, I just felt sore like I had just gotten a shot – no pain. I felt tight but my cheeks were newly sewn. The stitches dissolved seven days later. I was able to leave right after the dimpleplasty.”

She went on to add, “I just had a hard time2 eating right away so it was soups, jellos and things like that for the first three days. I’ve always loved dimples and when I saw how cheap it was to get them, I flew out two weeks later. I didn’t really do research like I should have – I was just excited and booked it because I saw awesome before and after photos. I couldn’t wait to be one. It was my first time ever flying alone but I was determined. I flew there and back the same day. I skipped class to go get surgery. I came back wearing a covid mask to cover my cheeks so they wouldn’t know I left for surgery. I loved every part of my results – every phase.”

Dimpleplasty – How it is Performed

Since not every person is born with dimples, dimpleplasty creates the appearance of dimples and it starts with the creation of a hole in the skin using a small biopsy instrument. Depending on the size of the dimples being created by the surgeon, a certain amount of muscle and fat is removed from the targeted area. Then, a suture is placed from one side of the cheek muscle to the other side, and it is tied in order to create the look of dimples.

According to Erin, who is an aesthetician as well as being on OnlyFans, the treatment took less than twenty minutes to perform at a clinic in Atlanta. The doctor marked the area on her face where the incisions would be created and then performed the procedure. Once the stitches dissolved and the wound healed, the scar tissue located between the muscle and the inner skin made the indention in the treated area permanent.

Dimpleplasty – Reaction from the Public

Erin took to TikTok to share her story and results but the initial reaction from her viewers was not all positive. The dimples looked much deeper when they were first healing, and this did not go over well with those watching her on the social media platform. Some of the comments included “It makes your face look disfigured and you actually look older” and “This straight up looks like a puppet version of Michael Jackson.”

In response to these negative opinions, Erin said “I knew right after the surgery they would look really deep and swollen so I expected it to look a little crazy. Once healed they relaxed. In school we had to wear covid masks, so no one knew what I had done. At first they are very deep and appear without smiling. Once healed they relax and only show when smiling.”

Due to the fact that she has undergone so many cosmetic procedures, Erin has always been quite open about the changes in her appearance. “I wanted to share my journey while letting people ahead of time know I don’t care what they think. I’ll always do what Erin wants to do because it’s my face and my money. The reaction was good and bad. Good because kind people understand it made me happy and my video went viral so I got paid. Some reactions were rude and mean but I got paid either way. The videos posted about it basically paid me back for my surgery costs.”

When it comes to future cosmetic surgery for her, Erin plans to have a third rhinoplasty surgery due to damage to her nose after the second procedure. At the moment, she does not plan to make any changes to the appearance of her dimples.

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