Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery - Did it Happen?

Posted September 21, 2023
Did Brad Pitt have plastic surgery

One of the bigger hits of Brad Pitt’s career was a movie called, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” In the movie, Benjamin Button ages in reverse. While this might seem like an “out there” idea, there are some fans of Brad Pitt who feel that the actor is looking younger as he continues to get older. Let’s examine the appearance of Brad Pitt and see if can be determined whether or not he had celebrity plastic surgery in the past.

Brad Pitt – The Talk of the Tennis Match

In July of this year, Pitt was in the stands at Wimbledon with Guy Ritchie (a successful film director and the ex-husband of Madonna) for the final men’s singles match. The crowd at the event could not help but notice that the actor had a youthful look thanks to aviator sunglasses, a lighter hair color, and an outfit consisting of a button-down shirt in the color of blue, a matching t-shirt, and white pants.

The crowd also noticed the refreshed and youthful look to his face. The reactions on social media seemed to agree that Pitt looked younger than in previous years with one Twitter/X user asking, “How is he reverse aging?

Some of the additional social media comments included:

  • “Most 59-year-olds do not look like Brad Pitt.”
  • “Brad Pitt looks amazing for his age and whatever ‘work’ has contributed to that has been done very well.”
  • “He’s likely had work done or Botox at the least.”
  • “Brad Pitt’s had some work done. Surely you can see that?’

Brad Pitt – Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gossip

Celebrity Plastic Surgery GossipThe speculation about possible plastic surgery for Brad Pitt dates all the way back to 2007. At the time, Pitt was suspected of multiple procedures.

One of the first plastic surgery procedures he is suspected of undergoing is rhinoplasty AKA a nose job. Rhinoplasty is able to alter the shape, appearance, and size of the nose and many celebrity gossip watchers feel they have seen some changes to his nose. When looking at photos of 2007 Brad Pitt and 2023 Brad Pitt, some people say the tip of his nose looks to be the same size and they do not see any significant changes to the bridge of his nose. On the other hand, there are fans who say his older slim and narrow nose now looks broader in size and is also raised a bit.

Next, Brad Pitt was suspected of having eyelid surgery as the eyes can gain a tired and older look if the eyelid starts to droop or excess skin starts to impact the look and functionality of the eyes. Blepharoplasty is able to remove this excess skin from the upper eyes for improved vision as well as address the muscle that is located below the eye. The procedure repositions the “bags” that can start to form under the eyes, so the person does not look as tired as in the past. Pitt is suspected of having eyelid surgery to give his eyes a wider and more open look.

There are some fans who accuse Pitt of having Botox injections to maintain a youthful look. Botox uses botulinum toxin to reduce and/or eliminate the look of wrinkles on the face. Botox works by blocking signals that travel from the nerves to the targeted muscle. Since that muscle is not able to contract thanks to the blocked signals, the skin will start to smooth out and any wrinkles will start to lessen in appearance as they relax. Botox is a popular choice for treating forehead lines, any lines that have appeared due to excess frowning, and crow’s feet around the eyes. The suspected Botox use comes from the disappearance of wrinkles under his eyes to the point that his eyes have a more youthful look, and his forehead has a smoother look.

From 2007 to the present day, there has been one plastic surgery procedure that is often brought up when people try to guess why Brad Pitt has such a youthful look. This procedure is a facelift and it is performed to rejuvenate the look of the face to the point that the patient has a younger look. Facelift surgery is able to reduce the sagging skin that is located in the jawline and cheeks by tightening the skin. This procedure has been described as being able to “turn back the clock” and make a person look younger than their actual age. Since Brad Pitt seems to be aging in reverse, facelift gossip has started again as a way to explain his youthful look.

Has Brad Pitt undergone plastic surgery? Does he regularly have Botox injections to reduce the look of wrinkles on his face? Will he ever tell the public about his plastic surgery procedures (if he actually had them)?

Let’s go with “Not enough evidence” as the answer to the first two questions and a hard “NO” for the answer to the third question.

- MA


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