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Posted August 04, 2023
Do Human Cadavers Make You Look Younger

The desire to maintain a younger look has often fueled the decision of patients that have cosmetic procedures to address issues such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face. In the past, patients often turned to Botox or fillers or had a surgical procedure known as a facelift to gain a refreshed and rejuvenated look to the face. However, that could be changing in the near future as cosmetic doctors are starting to offer a product made from cadaver tissue that is designed to help a person enjoy a younger look.

Our coverage of this cadaver-created cure for the aging process begins with the latest from Cosmetic Town TV:

Renuva – What is This Injectable Made from Cadaver Tissue?

Renuva InjectableIn general, Renuva is an injectable that is regulated by the FDA, and it is used to restore volume loss that occurs due to the aging process. Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix that is derived from fat tissue that is donated and then purified. Once Renuva is injected into the targeted area of the body, it creates an adipose matrix that acts like a scaffold. The look of the adipose matrix is much like a honeycomb and fat cells grow around it. The injected amount of Renuva dissolves over the course of a few months and it is replaced by the natural body fat of the patient. Unlike the results from fillers which are not permanent, the results from Renuva are permanent. The actual Renuva adipose matrix is not permanent but the fat that replaces the dissolved amount of Renuva is permanent.

Having said all of that, patients might be surprised to learn that it is made from cadaver tissue since it is derived from donated fat tissue that is purified. The Renuva adipose matrix contains the same growth factors, collagen, and protein that is found in the naturally occurring fat of the body which means the body does not view it as a foreign substance.

Renuva – Why Patients Choose the Product to Rejuvenate Their Face

There are several advantages to having a Renuva treatment and they include:

  • No need for invasive surgery
  • No downtime after the treatment
  • The results build slowly over time, so the results occur naturally
  • Improves the contours of the face
  • Enhances the quality of the skin in the treated area

There is a theory that Renuva is able to achieve these changes to the treated area of the body due to stem cell activity that is seen in both Renuva and fat. This same stem cell activity is not seen in fillers that are placed in the body. Clinically, there has been an observation of Renuva injections and the likely stimulation of fat stem cells that are able to restore lost volume in the face. In addition, the injection of Renuva into the face is able to enhance the quality of the overlying skin to the point that the overlying skin is dewy and softer.

Renuva – Product is Able to Treat More Than the Face

While the use of Renuva in the face is certainly a popular choice, there are some patients who also use the product to reverse signs of aging in their hands. The aging process can make the hands look older and reveal the actual age of a person. Injections of Renuva into the hands can give them a look that is smoother and younger in appearance.

Renuva Treatment – How is it Performed?

The actual Renuva procedure is a pretty simple treatment that is performed in the office of a doctor and can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to perform.

The procedure starts with the numbing of the treated area with a local anesthetic. Then, the numb area of the body is where the Renuva injections are placed. Renuva is injected under the skin of the patient using a small needle.

Once the Renuva is placed in the targeted area, there will start to be some visible smoothing of the skin. In addition, there will be additional volume that will be noticeable immediately after the injections. Don’t be fooled by the results that can be seen instantly as these are not the final results. It can take about three months to see the final results due to the fact that it takes this long for the body fat of the patient to fill-in the adipose matrix.

There is little to no recovery time after the treatment and the patient will be able to immediately resume their daily activities such as returning to work after the injections treatment.

There is no need for the patient to worry if there are not happy with the final results they gain from Renuva. The deoxycholic acid that is present in Kybella can be injected into the treated area to melt the fat that replaces Renuva in the body. In addition, the fat that is in the area treated with Renuva can be removed through the performance of liposuction by a surgeon.

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