Joe Biden Plastic Surgery – Possible Procedures Divulged

Posted October 04, 2023
Did Joe Biden have plastic surgery

As the 2024 election draws closer, the team supporting the campaign of President Joe Biden is facing increasing concerns about his health along with additional gossip regarding his appearance. Keep reading to discovery why a West Hollywood doctor is convinced that the leader of the United States has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery – Did He Have Various Procedures?

Dr. Gary Motykie, a plastic surgeon in West Hollywood, has performed his own analysis on the appearance of Joe Biden. The doctor has concluded that Biden has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery including procedures such as a brow lift and a facelift. He also noted that the amount of money spent would have been up to $100,000 in current costs if Biden had undergone these alleged procedures in Beverly Hills.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Motykie said he based his research and findings on allegations made a North Carolina politician who claimed Biden had undergone “so much plastic surgery.”

In his IG video, Motykie said he does not feel Biden had any work done recently but he had been the recipient of some aesthetic enhancements over the years.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery – Suspected Enhancements Examined

Joe Biden Suspected EnhancementsThe doctor feels that Biden has some of the “telltale signs of plastic surgery” including the appearance of his hair. “We can see that even 30 to 40 years ago, his hair was thinning quite dramatically. And then we see some signs that he underwent a hair transplant procedure…and probably one of the older techniques.” When looking at photos of a younger Joe Biden who was balding and then comparing them to a current photo of the president, there does appear to be more hair on his scalp. According to the doctor, the current appearance is due to “the way the hair was grafted” along with the “unnaturalness of the hairline.”

The next area of the body examined by Motykie was the brow of the president. The doctor said the unnatural look of the brow was the result of a brow lift. “And in men, as I always say, it can make them look a little feminine or a little odd in the brow, and we see that in President Biden.”

In addition, the doctor claims Biden had a facelift and his suspicion about this procedure was inferred from the “pull on the side of his face” and his “pixie ears.” In addition, “when he’s turned to the side in certain angles, we can see some of the signs in the ears and in the neck.”

Some of the other cosmetic surgery procedures the doctor suspects Biden of undergoing include Botox, fillers, and lower blepharoplasty that reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery – The Public Speaks Out

In response to the video, here are some of the reactions shared by the public on social media:

  • “His plastic surgery is terrible. But he’s definitely addicted to trying to run this country too.”
  • “That’s not surgery, that’s a whole different man.”
  • “Showing my husband this in a desperate attempt to convince him that plastic surgery can make people look a lot different and that Joe Biden has NOT been replaced by an animatronic body double.”

As with many discussions these days, the feedback also took a confrontational tone with some social media users accusing the doctor of posting the video for personal reasons:

  • “This post is so salacious, as are most of your posts commenting on celebrities. Instead of posting your own work, you’ll do anything for likes and comments.”
  • “Are you a Republican Dr. Gary? This seems like a cheap shot that is a hallmark of the GOP.”

Dr. Motykie feels it is “up to President Biden to decide if he’s satisfied with the results of his procedure”. He also warned the president against undergoing “revision surgeries at this point in time since these types of surgeries can come with an increased risk of complications. This is due to his age and the complexities involved in trying to reverse some of the older techniques that were originally utilized to perform his surgeries.”

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery – What the President’s Doctors Say About His Health

According to the official physician for the president, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden is in good heath and is mentally and physically fit and this includes examinations from both orthopedists and neurologists. The overall health of Biden has proven to be an issue lately with his critics pointing to what they view as mental lapses, frequent stumbles, and perhaps even a cognitive decline on his part.

While his physical and mental health does not reflect any possible plastic surgery changes to his body, there are some members of the public who feel the president is trying to hide information from the American public by not sharing “the truth” about his possible plastic surgery procedures

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