Dimpleplasty is performed to create dimples on the cheeks. Not every person is born with dimples so doctors can create the appearance of dimples for patients.  The doctor applies a topical anesthetic to the treated area. The surgeon then uses a small biopsy instrument to create a hole in the skin where the dimples will be created. Depending on the size of the dimples desired by the patient, an amount of fat and muscle is removed in the designated area (about 2 or 3 millimeters in length). A suture is put into position from one side of the cheek muscle to the other side. The sling is then tied in order to create the effect of having dimples.

The ideal candidate for dimpleplasty is a person who desires the appearance of dimples in the facial area but was not born with the appearance of dimples. It is not a good procedure for a person that has temporary or chronic infections in, or around, the mouth thanks to conditions such as herpes or lupus.

The cost of dimpleplasty is anywhere from $1000-$3500. The cost can vary due to several factors including the amount of fat and muscle to be removed, any fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the geographic location of the procedure.

Patients will experience some swelling and soreness following the surgery but these conditions should only last for a few days. They should also be able to return to work after a day or two. The results of the procedure should be permanent as long as the patient follows the post-op instructions and does not suffer any trauma to the treated area.



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