TikTok and Plastic Surgery - Most Popular Plastic Surgeons on the Platform

Posted December 09, 2022
Popular plastic surgeons on TikTok

Social media has proven to be a good marketing tool for plastic surgeons as doctors use the platform to show how procedures are performed and promote their services. One of the most popular social media platforms for healthcare marketers is TikTok since it is video based which gives doctors an ideal method to share information with the public. Some of the cosmetic surgery procedures that are often spotlighted on TikTok include rhinoplasty, liposuction, Botox, and fillers. Let’s take a look at why TikTok has been so successful for plastic surgeons and also name some of the most popular plastic surgeons on the platform.

Let’s get started with a video from Cosmetic Town TV discussing the rising growth of TikTok among plastic surgeons:

TikTok and Plastic Surgeons – The Reason for its Popularity

According to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that was published in 2021, “Plastic surgeons…can benefit from visual-based platforms and are frontrunners among physicians in the adoption of social media. Board-certified plastic surgeons have the opportunity (and obligation) to be leaders in this domain. We can rectify misinformation from providers with lesser training and credentialling, and offer educational content catered to patient needs.”

Here are some of the most influential plastic surgeons currently on TikTok:

  • Anthony Youn has gained an audience of over eight million followers and he refers to himself as “America’s holistic plastic surgeon.” His popularity has happened in part thanks to videos he posts where he guesses whether or not well-known celebrities have undergone plastic surgery. He also advocates for a more “holistic approach” to self-care for patients of all ages.
  • Richard J. Brown has 7.8-million followers on TikTok and he uses the platform to “educate, entertain, inspire” his audience He is also known as “TheRealTikTokDoc” and his videos often examine specific procedures and he works to determine whether or not these treatments are legitimate procedures.
  • Catherine Huang-Begovic, AKA “Dr. Cat”, is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has over half a million TikTok followers. In addition to sharing “before and after” examples of some of her patients, she is also known for her thoughtful videos filled with medical advice for those considering plastic surgery.
  • Michael Salzhauer, AKA “Dr. Miami,” has around two million followers who know him for his sense of humor. He has been in the news recently for making fun of Drake and the gossip that the rapper had liposuction. The video about Drake got so much attention that the doctor had to issue a disclaimer that stated, “Guys I have no medical knowledge regarding Drake…this is based off a Twitter conspiracy of him having lipo and a BBL.”
  • Remus Repta is a self-described “tummy tuck expert” and Repta primarily shares video posts about working with patients who can considered to be in the “plus size” category. In one video, Repta explained how surgeons manage to perform a tummy tuck on patients in this category. “If you do the same surgery for a lower BMI or lower weight patient to a higher BMI or weight patient, there will be more complications. Data supports that. However, you can still help high BMI patients…if you modify some of the ways you instruct patients, how you do their surgery, how you do their recovery. They can have a great result. They can benefit from that, feel better, feel lighter, both mentally and physically, and still do so safely.”

Plastic Surgery and Social Media – Caution Must Be Used

It is certainly true that social media platforms have helped expand the world of plastic surgery by making it easier for doctors to share information and medical knowledge with people who would not have an opportunity to visit these doctors at their offices.

However, caution must be part of the process of following plastic surgeons on TikTok or any other social media platform. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for someone to create an account and claim that they are an experienced plastic surgeon who is also an expert in the procedure they are discussing. The public can watch videos from these doctors and even follow their advice but they also need to take the time and do proper research about the medical professionals they follow online. By making sure to learn more about the doctors featured on TikTok, a person might discover that the doctor they are following is actually a “doctor” because they decided to claim that they are a medical professional.

TikTok can be a powerful resource for the public as it can show how procedures are performed and provide the answers to questions that people might have trouble finding. Just like anything else on the Internet, patients need to make sure and not simply believe the first thing they read or see on the platform. Gather the information that is shared and then make sure this information is accurate and correct by scheduling a consultation appointment with the doctor of choice for the procedure.

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