Plastic Surgery Filter on TikTok - What Does it Show?

Posted April 15, 2021
Instagram Plastic Surgery Filter

Plastic surgery can make changes to the appearance of targeted areas of the body such as the face, breasts and buttocks. Even though plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift are very popular with patients that want a youthful look, there are some people that are afraid to have a procedure because they are not sure if they will like the final results. There is a new Plastic Surgery Filter on TikTok that is going viral that and it lets you see what you would look like after a cosmetic surgery procedure. Interested in trying this filter so you can get a better idea of your appearance after plastic surgery? Take a look below to find out how to find this filter on TikTok.

Plastic Surgery Filter on TikTok

One of the most popular trends lately on TikTok is the Plastic Surgery Filter which is also known as the Botox Filter or the Big Lips Filter. The filter mimics the results of a cosmetic surgery treatment so you will look like you have undergone a lip filler procedure or had Botox placed in certain areas of your face.

When the filer is used, it will provide a plump look to your lips and also lift and firm the look of the skin so you can view what you will look like after Botox and lip fillers (without needing to have the procedures).

TikTok – How to Get the Plastic Surgery Filter

Plastic surgery filterEven though the Plastic Surgery Filter is very popular right now on TikTok, you will need to have Instagram in order to find the filter. You will be looking for the Pillow Face Filter and here are the easy steps to follow to get the filter.

  • Open Instagram and then click on “Your Story” at the top of the homepage
  • Look through each of the filters located at the bottom until you arrive at the magnifying glass at the end
  • Click on the magnifying glass and then press another magnifying glass (in the top right-hand corner) in order to search all of the filters
  • You will need to type “Pillow Face” in the search bar in order to find the filter by Jhonyaugust
  • Once you find the filter, click on it so you can press “Try It”
  • Use the filter as much as you want and then save the video to the camera roll in your phone
  • Now that the video is saved to your phone, you can upload the video to TikTok

Celebrities Try the Plastic Surgery Filter

The Plastic Surgery Filter has gone viral on social media with the general public as well as celebrities that are active on the social media platform. Actress Ashley Benson shared a photo of herself showing the results of her look after using the filter. Benson shared the photo on Instagram and used the post to speak out against plastic surgery. The actress wrote “Why does everybody look the same nowadays? Let’s be unique And true to ourselves. This is me using a filter lookin like a blowfish tryna fit in w all the LA girls now.”

Cosmetic Surgery Results in Real Life

As stated above, the Plastic Surgery Filter can show you what your appearance will look like if you have Botox or lip fillers. If you are interested in having these procedures in real life, here is the type of results you can expect to enjoy:

  • Botox is able to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well give the face a smoother look in the treated area. Botox is injected into a muscle located near a wrinkle so neuromuscular blockers are able to limit the amount of muscle contractions in the area near the injection site. The injection of Botox allows the muscles to relax so the skin gains a more youthful and smooth look. In general, Botox is an ideal treatment for areas of the face such as the corners of the eyes, the forehead and the area above the nose.
  • Lip fillers are able to enhance the shape and size of the lips of a patient. The fillers are injected into the lips in the designated area to be treated. Once the filler is injected, the doctor will massage the treated area to help smooth its appearance and give it a more natural appearance.

While the Plastic Surgery Filter can give you a good idea about the results you might see if you have a cosmetic procedure, there is no substitute for a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing cosmetic surgery. The doctor will discuss your goals and desired procedure with you in order to give you a professional insight into the treatment. The doctor will also determine if you are an ideal candidate for a cosmetic procedure and the realistic expectations you can expect to see after the treatment.

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