More Teens Want a Nose Job - TikTok to Blame for Rhinoplasty Rise?

Posted September 23, 2021
Teen Rhinoplasty has been linked to TikTok

Videos that show the changes made by plastic surgery seems to be one of the most popular genres of videos on TikTok. Quite often, the videos count down the days until the surgery is performed and the big reveal of the final results is shown on the social media app. While the videos range from cosmetic procedures such as breast reduction surgery to Brazilian butt lift (BBL), they also often spotlight rhinoplasty surgery AKA a nose job. 

Teen Rhinoplasty - Reasons for a Teenage Nose Job

There are multiple reasons teenage patients want to have rhinoplasty surgery. There are times when they simply want to alter the size, shape, or look of their nose. They might think their nose looks too big, is too pointy or they want to address an issue such as a bump on the nose. 

Rhinoplasty videos are popular on TikTok with hashtags such as #nosejob having 2.6-billion views and #nosejobcheck having 1.8-billion views. 

There are also patients of certain ethnicities, such as Jewish patients, that suffer from the stereotype of having a larger nose. (FYI: While there is no actual evidence that Jewish patients have a nose that is larger than normal, the desire to reduce the size of the nose is said to have started after World War II when Jewish women were trying to assimilate into the population and reduce their "ethnic baggage").

Rhinoplasty - Is it as Popular as in the Past?

There was a time earlier this century when nose reshaping surgery did not seem to be as popular as it was in the past. In 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the number of rhinoplasty procedures had fallen 43\\% since 2000. The decline was credited to an increasing embrace of racial and ethnic diversity along with the rise of the body positivity movement.  

By 2020, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the rhinoplasty rate was only 9\\% less than the year 2000 which meant the rate of nose jobs had increased 53\\% since 2018. 

While it is not easy to completely pinpoint the reason for the reversal in the downward trend, it is easy to point to social media as one of the prime reasons. The comments section on TikTok even suggests the rise of body positivity and wellness culture has helped encourage teens to have a rhinoplasty procedure.

Some of the comments about teenage rhinoplasty affirm the right of the person posting the video to do whatever they want to their body. The user comments also emphasize the importance of the connection between plastic surgery, mental health, and an improved self-image. User comments discuss the changes made to the appearance of the nose as well as how the patient seems to be happier and more confidence in their appearance.

Rhinoplasty and TikTok - Another Popular Trend

Videos that show a person turning to spotlight their profile is another common trend on TikTok and it seems to be closely connected with insecurities some people have about their appearance. 

There are some content creators that show their rather large nose while others have noses that can be best described as tiny and straight. Whether the content creator is actually proud of their larger nose, or the person is making fun of "rhinoplasty reveal" videos is hard to say, but it does show the popularity and power of videos related to rhinoplasty. 

There are a variety of comments made on TikTok about noses of all sizes:

  • "Ya that's massive. Praying for you babies."
  • "aww, it's okay girly u can always get surgery!!"
  • "People with your nose shape are attractive am I right or am I right?"

Like most trends on TikTok, the videos that are shown to a person all depends on the algorithm. The search for videos related to the topic of nose jobs, rhinoplasty or teenage rhinoplasty can cause some teenage viewers to worry about the size, shape, or ethnic appearance of their nose. Many adults worry about teenagers having an identity crisis related to their desire to make changes to the appearance of their nose. These adults could be right because it is not easy to be a teenager as it sometimes seems like their appearance is always being judged online as well as in real life.

TikTok is much like the real world in that some people are supportive while other people are here to judge the appearance of their family, friends, and people they have never met before. The increase in the desire of teenagers wanting rhinoplasty can be blamed on social media apps like TikTok as well as the pressure they feel from their peers. It is important for them to meet with a board-certified doctor experienced in performing rhinoplasty to see if they are an ideal candidate for the procedure and also the type of results they can expect to see once the recovery process is completed. 

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