Male Plastic Surgery – Spring Trends Revealed

Posted April 18, 2023
Male plastic surgery spring trends

The public is starting to realize that it is not only women who are looking to have cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance and improve their self-image and level of confidence. Men are turning to plastic surgery to help them retain a youthful look in the workforce and to make desired changes to their physique. As the spring season continues, what are the procedures male patients have in mind to attain the look they desire? Take a look as we pull back the curtain and reveal male plastic surgery trends for spring.

Male Plastic Surgery – Non-Surgical Options

Non Surgical Male Plastic Surgery.When it comes to plastic surgery for men, some patients would rather not go under the knife and have an invasive procedure. Non-surgical treatments are growing in popularity among men who want to alter their appearance and gain an enhanced look without the need for incisions.

Botox is a non-invasive option that is popular with male patients. As recently as 2019, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that male patients accounted for over 390,000 Botox procedures in that year. The Botox process for men is sometimes referred to as “Bro-tox” and it is a quick solution to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The treatment requires the injection of a small amount of botulinum toxin into the targeted muscle so the muscle will relax and not contract. In turn, this allows the wrinkles in the treated area to be reduced while also giving the skin a smoother look. One of the reasons Botox is so popular is that it does not require any downtime on the part of the patient.

Fillers are also a non-surgical treatment that is used to reverse signs of aging on the face. Fillers are able to correct the look of deep wrinkles as well as add volume to the face that has been lost due to the aging process. There are also some men who have fillers injected into their jawline and chin to give the chin and jaw a look that is better defined and more masculine in appearance. Fillers do not usually require any downtime which makes them a popular choice for patients.

Male patients do need to know that the results of Botox and fillers are not permanent and follow-up treatments will be needed in order to maintain the results from either treatment.

Male Plastic Surgery – Popular Surgical Choices

Even though non-surgical procedures can give an enhanced look to the body, they are not able to provide the same dramatic results as a surgical option.

One of the most popular procedures requested by male patients is gynecomastia surgery which addresses the condition that occurs when men develop breast tissue. The development of the breast tissue can give the chest a more feminine look. The surgeon can perform male breast reduction to reduce the look of the chest and give it a more masculine appearance including an improved definition to the chest. If the cause of the condition is a case of excess fat, liposuction could be the best option to change the appearance of the breasts. If the condition includes a significant glandular component, the surgeon will open the nipple of the patient in order to remove chunks of hard glands as well perform liposuction to eliminate any excess fat in the treated area. This surgery is a popular option for male patients who are struggling with a way to reverse the condition and gain a look to the chest that is more masculine in appearance.

While liposuction is able to eliminate stubborn and hard to remove fat from the body, some male patients are choosing to have high-definition liposuction. It is a liposuction technique that men have to remove fat from areas on the body such as the arms and abdomen. The natural muscles are highlighted, and the overall appearance of the treated area is more sculpted.

Calf augmentation, through the placement of calf implants, are placed in the body to add a greater amount of bulk and definition to the calf muscles. The surgery also improves the appearance of the lower legs and can even correct any muscle imbalance caused by physical defects in the body. The surgeon makes an incision in the natural crease behind the knee so a pocket can be created that is large enough to place the calf implant on the upper inside of the leg or on the outside of the leg. These implants are made of solid silicone or silicone gel, and they can be placed within the muscle (submuscularly) or under the fascia (subfascially). Patients need to discuss the placement of the calf implants so they can learn more about the difference between the invasive nature of the two options and the difference in the recovery time for both treatments. After the calf implants are placed in the body, the patient will enjoy an augmented look to their natural musculature and an improved shape to the legs.

The trends listed above look to be big throughout spring, but it remains to be seen if these procedures are still on top when summer arrives later this year.

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