Male Plastic Surgery – Procedures Men Demand

Posted March 03, 2023
Common plastic surgery procedures for men

While plastic surgery is often thought of a being requested by female patients, there are also many male patients who want to alter or enhance the look of certain parts of their bodies. When it comes to male plastic surgery, there are popular treatments requested by men on a regular basis. Want to know the plastic surgery procedures that are most popular for male patients (in no particular order)? The answers can be found in this informative article as well as the latest video from Cosmetic Town TV:

Male Plastic Surgery – Popular Procedures Revealed

The look of the nose can be a source of concern for some men as they might feel their nose is too large or pointed in appearance. The desired changes to the nose can be made via rhinoplasty AKA a nose job. Rhinoplasty is able to make changes to the size or shape of the nose for an improved aesthetic appearance along with making functional changes to the nose that can help a person enjoy the ability to breathe easier on a regular basis. The procedure can be performed using either the open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty technique. One of the main reasons men want to alter the look of their nose is to enjoy a better feeling about its appearance and also gain a greater amount of self-confidence in their look.

Popular Male Plastic Surgery ProceduresAs a person ages, the eyes can start to show some excess fat and skin that can give the eyelid a tired and droopy look. Besides giving the person a look that is more alert and youthful, eyelid surgery, AKA blepharoplasty, can restore vision that is blocked due to the excess amount of skin and fat in the eyelids. In addition, blepharoplasty also removes bags located under the eyes and improves the look of puffy upper eyelids. The surgery can be performed as upper blepharoplasty or lower blepharoplasty and the final result is a refreshed and rejuvenated look to the eyelids.

The desire to have a strong jawline is often felt by men in the business world. A prominent and pronounced chin and jaw gives a masculine look to a person. Chin implants provide the structure of the face with a stronger and more pronounced look. These implants are usually placed in the targeted area through the bottom of the chin (either through incisions in the mouth or behind the jaw). Even though there are implants for both the chin and the jaw, they are both often referred to as “chin implants.” Social media and remote Zoom or Teams calls have made men much more aware of their appearance as they are now able to view their appearance at angles that were not available in the past. A more masculine chin can give a man an improved amount of confidence in the workplace and a greater self-image.

A brow lift, AKA a forehead lift, is performed to reduce signs of aging that start to appear around the forehead as well as give a person a more alert and rejuvenated look. There are several brow lift options available and they include a full coronal brow lift where an incision is made across the top of the head in the area behind the hairline. Patients can also have an endoscopic brow lift where tiny incisions are created in the scalp so an endoscope can be inserted into the incisions in order to stretch the forehead tissues to the point that the tissues can be anchored into place by the doctor.

Dermal fillers are an ideal option for a person who wants to restore lost volume in the face due to the aging process. Fillers are often placed in the face in areas such as the cheeks and lips in order to give these areas a look that is fuller and younger. In addition to an increased amount of volume in the face, the final results also give the face an improved contour and a smoother look. Patients should know that the results of fillers are not permanent so a regular schedule of follow-up treatments will need to be performed in order to maintain the results.

Male patients looking for a more permanent solution to gaining a youthful look to the face can have a facelift AKA rhytidectomy. During a facelift procedure, the surgeon creates an incision on the top sides of the face so loose and excess skin can be removed. The surgeon is also able to add or remove fat in the face to maintain a natural distribution of fat. Once the tissue is reshaped and the desired contour is gained, the skin will be stitched back together where the incision was created. The final result is a look that is lifted in appearance along with being tighter and more defined. The facelift procedure will be customized to fit the specific needs of the person so the final results will be natural in appearance while also eliminating the look of loose and sagging skin.

No matter how much a person exercises, there is usually some stubborn and hard to remove fat on the body. Liposuction eliminates these stubborn fat deposits by removing excess fat tissue located under the skin. The surgeon inserts a cannula into the targeted area of the skin so the stubborn fat will be suctioned out of the body. Liposuction can be viewed as more of a body contouring procedure than a weight loss procedure. Even though fat deposits can continue to appear on various parts of the body, the removed fat will not return to the area where liposuction was performed.

While these are current popular male plastic surgery procedures, trends change over the years so it will be interesting to see if these same treatments are still popular at this time next year.

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