Joe Buck Hair Transplant - Get the Details Before Football Season Begins

Posted September 07, 2022
Get all the details about Joe Buck's hair transplant

Since the 1990s, it has not been a football season without the presence of Joe Buck on a TV screen. This year promises to be different as Joe Buck has left his longtime broadcast home of Fox Sports to make the move to “Monday Night Football” on ESPN. While it might look different to see Buck in the ESPN booth, that is not the only change that will be evident as he starts a new season of announcing football games. The football broadcaster recently announced that he had a hair transplant performed earlier this year at the office of Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

Joe Buck – Hair Transplant Revealed

Back in July of this year, Joe Buck shared a post on his Instagram account debuting the news about his hair transplant. According to Buck, “Training camp doesn’t just start for players. New network, newly arranged follicles.” His debut on his new network is September 12th and the photo shows that he plans to be on TV screen across the country with his updated hairline. The Instagram post also shows Joe posing for a photo with the medical team that handled his procedure, and he even took the time to point out the size of his head. His post included the message, “Oh, and why four people for one head??? It’s a big head!”

The well-known announcer did the take the time to be serious for a moment and thank the surgeon who treated him and his scalp. In another post, Buck said, “Thanks to Dr. Parsa Mohebi for being the gentle, genius he is. This isn’t a paid ad by the way, he’s just that good.”

Joe Buck – Open about His Hair Transplant History

Joe Buck Hair Transplant HistoryOne of the reasons that Joe Buck discussing his hair transplant is such a big story is because many TV and movie stars try to hide their celebrity hair transplant procedures from the public. Joe Buck stands out from this crowd as he has never been a person who been secretive about his desire to have a more youthful hairline. He has also never hidden the fact that he has undergone multiple hair transplants in the past.

It is true that a hair transplant can provide results that are natural in appearance while also lasting a lifetime. The area of the scalp where the hair transplant was performed will not be subject to the balding process in the future. However, the other areas of the scalp that were not the targeted hair transplant area can still experience hair that is thinning and balding in some sections. These areas of balding can be addressed with an additional hair restoration surgery.

It is also important to remember that Joe Buck had his first hair transplant in 1993 and it is not an exaggeration to say that the hair transplant technology that was cutting-edge and current at the time was nowhere near as advanced as the methods that are currently enjoyed by the public.

Joe Buck – Reasons Behind His Desire for a Hair Transplant

In his 2016 memoir, Joe Buck addressed the reasons why he made the decision to have a hair transplant and it involved a fear that has haunted him for a good portion of his life. In his book, Buck stated that the fear of losing his hair was one that he experienced as a young person. In turn, this resulted in the phrase, “I, Joseph Francis Buck, became a hair-plug addict.”

It should not come as a surprise to his fans or the general public that this successful sportscaster was concerned with losing his hair. He is seen by millions of people each week on TV and the visual medium of television has evolved to the point that the public expects to see news anchors and sportscasters with a youthful look. Buck described this expectation on the part of news and sports anchors with this statement, “Broadcasting is a brutal, often unfair business, where looks are valued more than skill.”

Hair Transplants – How They Provide Results that Last a Lifetime

The appearance of a balding scalp can make a person look older than their actual age and it can impact both male and female patients. Plus, the lack of hair on the scalp can also have a negative impact on the self-esteem of a person by giving them a bad self-image and making them suffer from a lack of confidence in their appearance.

In general, a hair transplant is performed when a surgeon takes donor hair from the donor area on the scalp and transplant (moves) this hair to the balding section that is being treated. The donor area is usually the sides and back of the scalp as the hair on this section of the scalp is resistant to balding. If there is not enough high-quality donor hair on the back and sides of the scalp, the hair grafts that are needed to provide the desired volume and density can be taken from other areas of the body such as the chest or beard.

The hair that has been transplanted will begin to grow in the section of the scalp where it was placed, and it will begin to act like the native hair of the head. The results are natural in appearance and will also last a lifetime.

Joe Buck – Moving Forward with a New Hairline

The fear of losing his hair has always been a driving force behind the hair transplants of Joe Buck. Plus, the quote about broadcasting being an unfair business shows that the look of the person in the broadcast booth is often given more thought than the on-air skills and abilities of the person. Joe Buck knows the look he wants to his hairline in order to feel good about his appearance and be confident in his job when he steps into the broadcast booth at the start of this football season.

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