Captain America Under the Mask - Chris Evans Plastic Surgery

Posted January 31, 2023
Fans speculate Chris Evans had cosmetic surgery

Chris Evans is one of the original superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with multiple appearances as Captain America. The actor is well-known for his physique and his good looks. While Evans is not a person that often talks about his private life, there are some celebrity watchers who are claiming that the superhero superstar had some help gaining his current facial appearance through cosmetic surgery.

Chris Evans – The Fans Speak Out on His Appearance

Back in 2019, TMZ featured a side-by-side comparison of Chris Evans photos that went from his late teens to his mid-thirties. TMZ also ran a poll on its website asking the public to share their opinion on whether his appearance was due to good genetics or good plastic surgeons. There were many voters in the poll that felt the actor was blessed with natural good looks. On the other hand, there were poll voters who shared their thoughts on possible changes to his face. For example, one commentor felt “he might over do it on the botox…face looks a little strange these days.” Another viewer of the website claimed “You can tell he’s had rhinoplasty.”

The group of people who defended Chris Evans from the plastic surgery gossip made it a point to mention he takes excellent care of his health and body by exercising on a regular basis and following a healthy diet.

Chris Evans – Possible Changes to His Hairline

Possible Hair Transplant for Chris EvansIn addition to celebrity plastic surgery speculation about his face, Chris Evans has also been suspected of having a hair transplant. His fans started to notice a period of time when Evans was wearing a buzzcut hairstyle as well as having an appearance to his hair that suggested that his hairline was beginning to recede. Despite this speculation, the forty-one-year-old actor seems to have a healthy and full head of hair.

One of the reasons he has been suspected of having a hair restoration procedure is the fact that he said, “I’m losing my hair,” during an interview in his early thirties. However, his hair seems to be thicker and stronger than in years past. The evolution of his hairstyle from a buzzcut to a thick and healthy head of hair has only increased the speculation that he had a hair transplant or that he uses some type of hair restoration medication to help his hair maintain a youthful and full look.

There is also not any type of visible scarring on his head which leads his fans to believe that he had Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery. During this hair transplant procedure, the surgeon will remove hair grafts from the donor area of the scalp on an individual basis. Since the hair follicles are removed individually by the doctor, there is no need to create a linear scalp scar by removing an entire strip of scalp from the donor area. The individual hair grafts usually come from the donor area of the scalp which is generally considered to be the back and sides of the scalp. The hair in this area of the scalp is resistant to balding which makes it an ideal choice for transplantation into the thinning or balding sections of the head.

Chris Evans – Youthful Facial Features

As mentioned earlier, there are some fans of the actor who believe he regularly uses Botox to maintain a youthful and refreshed appearance. The lack of wrinkles on his face is the reason they think he has Botox injected on an ongoing basis. It is important to remember that the results of Botox are not permanent so anyone who uses the treatment will need to have follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

Botox is able to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face which provides a refreshed and smoother look to the treated area. Once Botox is injected into a muscle that is located near a wrinkle, neuromuscular blockers work to limit muscle contractions in the treated area, The muscles are then able to relax and smooth the skin out while also reducing the amount of unwanted wrinkles.

As mentioned earlier, Chris Evans is not a celebrity who often talks about his private life. It is certainly possible that he had any and all of the treatments described in this article. On the other hand, he might simply be the recipient of good genetics and does not need any type of cosmetic procedure to help him maintain a youthful look. There is a good chance that the actual answer might never be known as it does not seem that the actor will open up about his appearance in the near future. The mystery of Chris Evans celebrity plastic surgery will likely remain a mystery for some time to come until the day the man behind the Captain America mask decides to discuss the subject with the public.

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