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Posted February 14, 2023
Learn about Elon Musk's possible plastic surgery

It seems like Elon Musk is constantly in the news ever since he was going to buy Twitter, then not buy Twitter, and finally buying Twitter. His leadership and oversight of the social media platform has divided users of the website, but the public can ‘t seem to stop talking about him. In addition to the discussion about his management of Twitter, there is also ongoing gossip about the appearance of his face. Some people believe that Musk has undertone plastic surgery to alter the appearance of his face as well as a hair transplant to revitalize the look of his hairline. Let’s take a look at the evolving appearance of Elon Musk to see what changes (if any) have been made to his appearance through plastic surgery.

Elon Musk Plastic Surgery – Suspected Procedures

Elon Musk Suspected ProceduresIn an interview with a newspaper, Dr. Richard Westreich, a plastic surgeon based in New York City, said, “I think Elon has taken care of his hair, his eyes, and the hanging skin under his neck. Earlier this year, he looked odd, where you could see the type of swelling that you’d get after undergoing a neck lift. Since then, he’s recovered, and doesn’t seem to have the strange fullness under his neck anymore.”

The doctor went on to say, “His possible neck lift could have cost up to around $60,000, but he may also have dabbled in under-eye filler, which would’ve been a fat transfer, costing around $10,000. Otherwise, the shape of Elon’s hairline looks to have changed at least four times over the years which would’ve cost around $40,000.”

The plastic surgery speculation surrounding Elon Musk has been going on for several years and the gossip and guesswork about his look has largely centered on his hair and his jaw. For example, he is suspected of having a neck lift to remove excess fat and skin located on the neck in order to give the treated area a look that is smooth and slim in appearance. Dr. Westreich says a neck lift “usually involves an incision under the chin and then another incision around the ear and sometimes down in front of the hairline.”

The doctor also noted that “Elon seemed to have gained a lot of weight around 2015 and then he started to lose it. Unfortunately, when aging is combined with this type of weight loss, the loose skin gets worse every year and creates skin laxity issues. With Elon the issue would be all the neck looseness he experienced. It makes sense that after losing all that weight, he’d have some extra skin and he’d probably have wanted his jawline to look tighter. You can see where he’s wearing the black bow tie at the event with Kanye West in 2015 that he’s very heavy and has got quite a lot of fat under his chin.”

He went on to mention that photos from 2022 show what looks to be an incision around his earlobe. “Here his face looks post-surgical to me. There’s also discoloration that looks like bruising and the very unusual swelling underneath his chin. You can also see an ident right behind his chin where there’s a little bit of extra hair.”

Elon Musk – New Look to the Area Under the Eyes and the Hairline

In addition to the speculation about his neck, the area under his eyes has also gained some attention. Dr. Westreich noted that when a person ages and also loses weight, there will start to be a hollowness that appears underneath the eyes. While Elon Musk had a hollow look in the past, that hollow look is not there anymore. There is speculation that he addressed the issue of the hollow look under his eyes using fat transfer or filler to the section of skin under the eyes to give them a fuller look. “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little Botox in there as well.”

One other aspect of his appearance that gets a lot of attention is the look of his hairline. “His hair also gets a bit shorter and seems to be growing in over time as over the years you can see that the hairline is starting to fill in. Usually the last thing that they fill in is going to be the shape at the front of the hairline which for Elon gets flatter and flatter.”

The doctor also said this about the changes in the hairline of Elon Musk. “It looks very triangular in the beginning so they did the middle triangle, and then you can see that the triangle starts to flatten out over many years to what’s now almost a very flat hairline and all in one line. Generally with transplants, they fill in very slowly over many years so he has probably had a couple of rounds. Sometimes they just can’t transplant everything in one session, but you can see with Elon that the shape of his front hairline has changed at least four times.”

Even with all of the suspected changes to the appearance of Elon Musk, the doctor does not feel that Musk has gone too far when it comes to making alterations to his look. “I don’t Elon has overdone anything and has altered things that are typical of a man who has become a celebrity. Elon is now in the public eye all the time.”

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