Driver's License Debacle - Plastic Surgery Prevents Easy Renewal

Posted January 16, 2024

It is rare to find someone who is completely happy with the photo on their driver’s license. They might think their face looks weird or they had a bad hair day during the photo. Once the photo on the license is taken, it will be the visual identification for a person for many years. Even when it is time to renew the driver’s license, the person will be older, but they likely still resemble the initial photo on the document. This was not the case for one woman from Brazil who was unable to renew her driver’s license due to the extreme changes in her appearance made by plastic surgery.

Driver’s License Debacle – Denise, is that You?

Denise Rocha is a thirty-nine-year-old lawyer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has been reported that she has spent more than $318,000 (American dollars) on plastic surgery procedures designed to enhance her appearance. The changes to her look seemed to have worked as Denise reported she was not able to renew her driver’s license because she looks so different than she did in the past.

When she visited a government office to try and renew her license, Denise reported that the staff “questioned” her identity and proceeded to ask for another form of identification in order to prove her identity. According to Denise, “They didn’t believe it was me. I understand their work and I know they really need to check it out. But it was a really funny situation and I didn’t expect it.”

In addition to being a lawyer, she is also an OnlyFans model, and she has been referred to as the “world’s hottest lawyer” by various people online. While plastic surgery procedures have helped her gain her new look, Denise did admit that she never thought that her various plastic surgery treatments would result in a situation where she would have a problem proving her identity to government officials. Denise even referred to the request for more identification as “unthinkable” in terms of her being asked if she was actually herself.

Thankfully, Denise did manage to convince the transit department (DETRAN) staff of her identity and she was finally able to renew her driver’s license.

Driver’s License Debacle – Lawyer Plastic Surgery Procedures Revealed

As mentioned earlier, Densie is both a lawyer and an OnlyFans model, so she uses online photos as a way to make extra money. While some members of her family were not sure about the OnlyFans idea at first, once they started to see the amount of money Denise was able to make sharing photos, they started to back the idea.

One thing about Denise is that she has not been shy about sharing the various procedures she has undergone to gain her current appearance. A list of some of the plastic surgery procedures she had in the past include:

  • Breast Augmentation – She had three breast augmentation surgeries which is a procedure where the size and shape of the breasts can be enlarged and enhanced through the placement of breast implants in the body or fat transfer from another area on the body of the patient.
  • Liposuction – This is a procedure that gives the body an enhanced contour by eliminating fat on the body that has proven to be stubborn and hard to remove through diet and exercise.
  • Rhinoplasty – A procedure that alters the size, shape, and look of the nose. The surgery can be performed for aesthetic reasons to improve the look of the nose or for functional reasons that make it easier for the patient to breathe on a daily basis.
  • Botox – This is a cosmetic treatment that is performed by injecting botulinum toxin into the face to reduce or eliminate the look of wrinkles.
  • Skin Peeling (Chemical Peel) – Improvements in the appearance and texture of the skin can be achieved by skin peeling. One of the most popular skin peeling treatments is the use of chemical peels to remove older and dull layers of the outer skin in order to smooth the texture of the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, blemishes on the face, and uneven skin pigmentation, Chemical peels can be performed as light, medium, or deep chemical peels.

One of the aspects of the changes to her appearance that Denise has really enjoyed is challenging the opinion of those who think she cannot be pretty as well as intelligent. She will not let the “limiting beliefs” of others impact her life or her career. According to Denise, “There is still a thought for some people that a lawyer cannot be beautiful and smart.”

She also shared the story that her look has sometimes been a complication when it comes to finding love. In her case, Densie says she identifies as “sapiosexual” which means that she is attracted to the intelligence of a person. However, due to her looks from plastic surgery, many men simply assume that she is not a smart or clever person. Much like the people who asked her to prove her appearance in order to renew her driver’s license, it looks like Denise also needs to prove her level of intelligence to many of the men she meets.

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