Practicing Patience During the Recovery Process

Posted October 23, 2023
Practicing patience during the recovery process

While it seems obvious that rest and recovery are needed to gain the best results from a plastic surgery procedure such as liposuction or breast augmentation, there are some patients who only focus on the actual procedure and not the recovery process. Patients should make sure and give their body enough time to properly heal by taking time off work to recover and limiting the amount of physical activity they perform. Let’s examine the importance of the recovery process after a procedure and how it helps the body for the person to be patient.

Patience While Recovering – Importance Examined

Patience While RecoveringThere are times when patients are focused on the final results of a procedure and getting those results are quickly as possible. One of the reasons that some patients do not have patience while recovering is that they think that everything that needs to be accomplished happens during the procedure and that post-op instructions do not contribute to the final results.

This is not the case as trying to force a speedy recovery to occur can actually cause the recovery process to slow down. In order to avoid this situation, the plastic surgeon should prepare their patients for the recovery process, and this includes educating them about what will be involved with their specific surgery choice. If the patient knows what to expect when recovering, they will be better prepared to lessen the chances of any post-surgery complications while also knowing how to maintain their comfort level.

Allowing the body time for proper recuperation can make a huge difference in the final results. However, many patients try to resume their daily routine as quickly as possible. The reason for this is some people think the post-op instructions are optional and they might even try to get the plastic surgeon to make an exemption for them when it comes to the recovery instructions. If the person does not follow the provided instructions, they might have complications such as a blood clot or bleeding that can result in the need for additional surgery.

Patience While Recovering – Patient Success Depends on the Individual Person

One of the main things patients need to remember is that a plastic surgery procedure is “real surgery.” In other words, the chance of complications is greater if the body does not have enough time to heal. In addition, instead of jumping right back into their regular routine, a person should slowly resume their regular activities.

There might also be additional factors related to the need for patience during the recovery period. A person might need to pay attention to any scars and will have to follow the advice of the surgeon to reduce and improve the appearance of a scar. If the proper steps are not taken, scars can grow bigger or become more visible than desired by the patient. Proper care of scars can include scar massage, moisturizing the skin, and silicone taping over a period of several months.

The patient needs to trust their doctor and also provide enough time for the recovery process while includes both physical and mental recovery steps. When it comes to trusting the doctor, the patient should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the treatment. The person can ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the doctor and ask questions about the procedure and the recovery process.

Another way to minimize any stress during the recovery period is to have everything ready for the healing process ahead of time. Patients should plan to restrict their activities as they might need to wear compression garments and bandages. Planning ahead and having multiple sets of these bandages and garments on hand will mean less laundry. It will likely also be necessary to have help from friends and family members during the time period immediately after the surgery.

It is also imperative to read the post-op instructions in advance that are provided by the surgeon. If they are read in advance, the patient has enough time to study them and ask questions so they will know what to expect in the days after the procedure.

Recovery from plastic surgery includes following a healthy diet such as high amounts of protein and not smoking or drinking alcohol. It might also be necessary to take vitamins to aid in the recovery process and this information will be provided by the doctor.

Finally, the patient should minimize stress factors in order to maintain their mental health while focusing on their physical health. Stress at work or home can have a negative effect on the recovery process and even slow its progress. The limiting of stress also includes knowing when to ask for help so the body and the mind can get the necessary amount of rest while recovering.

Patients who maximize their recovery time and follow the proper steps in the healing process often have a smoother recovery period and also often gain the final results they desire.

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