Best Cosmetic Buttock Surgery Doctors in Miami

Posted May 24, 2019
Meet the best cosmetic buttock surgery doctors in Miami

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the popularity of obtaining a bigger booty. Thanks to celebrities showing off their larger and contoured backsides at red carpet events as well as in their daily lives, patients are ready to do whatever it takes to get the results they desire when it comes to the appearance of the buttocks. Patients turn to cosmetic surgery to achieve a larger and more contoured look to the buttocks through cosmetic buttock surgery. In order to get the desired contour and volume to the buttocks, patients need to visit a doctor that is experienced in performing cosmetic buttock surgery that provides long lasting buttock augmentation results that are natural in appearance and not overly augmented to the point that they look too large to others.

Best Miami Doctors for Cosmetic Buttock Augmentation

Patients that want to enjoy a greater size to their backside, along with more volume and a better contour, can have cosmetic buttock surgery performed by a doctor experienced in this medical speciality. Cosmetic Town has recently conducted research to find the best board-certified doctors that provide patients with the long-lasting and natural appearance they want to achieve when it comes to the buttocks. The following is our 2019 list of the “Best Cosmetic Buttock Surgery Doctors in Miami” as determined by the Cosmetic Town intelligent system:

Cosmetic Buttock Surgery Procedures

Patients that have lost a good amount of volume in their buttocks thanks to the aging process, along with people that have a backside that is naturally smaller in appearance, are ideal candidates to undergo buttock augmentation. Along with the increased volume in the buttocks of a patient, the thighs of a patient can also be augmented at the same time. When it is time to undergo cosmetic buttock surgery, doctors have a number of methods and techniques they can use to provide patients with the desired results. Some of the most popular cosmetic buttock surgery methods include:

  • Butt lift – A butt lift is a cosmetic buttock surgery technique that is performed to enhance the appearance of buttocks that are saggy or droopy. The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in the upper curve of the buttocks that runs along the bikini line. The cosmetic surgeon will also remove excess tissue before performing liposuction to remove fat so it is easier for the doctor to sculpt the buttocks.
  • Butt implants – Butt implants add volume when they are placed in incisions made along the natural curves of the butt which is the section of the buttocks where the cheeks meet at the top portion of the thighs. The surgeon will create a pocket near, or under, each of the gluteal muscles. After the surgeon creates a pocket in this area of the body, silicone implants are placed in the pockets and sutures are used to close the incisions.
  • Thighplasty – A thighplasty, AKA thigh lift surgery, is performed to provide a greater tightness and contour to the appearance of the thighs. The final result is a greater definition to the thighs and less of a saggy appearance. The cosmetic surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to rejuvenate the appearance of the thighs. Liposuction can also be performed during thighplasty to get rid of excess fat located on the thighs.
  • Fat grafting – Fat grafting is performed by the doctor making tiny incisions in a targeted area of the body so liposuction can be performed to remove fat from the designated area. The fat that is removed is processed and purified by the doctor. The doctor injects the fat back into the buttocks through the use of a layered technique and the fat is then sculpted by the surgeon so the final results are symmetrical and natural in appearance.
  • Non-invasive butt lift – Patients that do not want to have any type of invasive cosmetic buttock surgery have some non-invasive options to achieve the results they desire. Ulthera is performed by the placing of an ultrasound gel on the targeted area. Plus, the Ulthera device is placed against the skin in order for the ultrasound energy to easily be delivered to the area that the doctor has targeted for the butt lift. A non-invasive butt lift is performed using Sculptra which is when the doctor injects some filler directly into the area targeted to be treated so the patient will achieve the desired results.

Cosmetic Buttock Surgery Results Enjoyed by Patients

When it comes to each of the cosmetic buttock surgery techniques listed above, they are performed in order to augment the shape, look and size of the buttocks along with providing a more contoured and refined appearance. The final results that are enjoyed by a patient provide a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance to the shape and contour of the buttocks that is achieved thanks to the elimination of excess skin, tissue and fat.

Cosmetic Buttock Surgery in Miami

Cosmetic buttock surgery that is performed in Miami gives patients the desired changes in the shape and look of the buttocks. Before undergoing any type of cosmetic buttock surgery, patients should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor will examine the patient to make sure cosmetic buttock surgery is a good option for the person. In addition, the doctor will set realistic expectations for the desired final results as well as determine the best cosmetic buttock surgery technique to achieve the final results desired by the patient.



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