So Long Savings - Woman Spends Life Savings on Plastic Surgery

Posted November 14, 2023
A woman spends her life saving on plastic surgery

The desire to have plastic surgery can sometimes be stopped by the cost of a procedure. There are some patients who have a certain price they are willing to pay, and they will not go over that number. On the other hand, there are some patients who consider price to be no object when it comes to having the treatment of their dreams. There is even one person who decided to spend her life savings on plastic surgery.

So Long Savings – Woman Spends Everything on Plastic Surgery

Scarlet Black made the decision to go “all in” on her plastic surgery dreams. She spent $36.000 in savings on thirteen plastic surgery procedures to get the body of her dreams. The money had originally been set aside to buy a home. Instead, her life savings went towards making changes to her body.

According to the twenty-seven-year-old Black, who is based in the United Kingdom, “I might not be getting my dream house – but at least I get to live in my dream body. You live in your body more than your own home, so to me, it’s just self-investing.”

A partial list of the procedures performed on her body include three breast augmentation surgeries, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), and an arm lift.

So Long Savings – A List of Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

Scarlet Black List of Plastic SurgeryBlack told a news organization that she started to invest in her look back in 2021 after she weighed 350 pounds thanks to overeating junk food during the pandemic. “Lockdown happened, I stayed in more, binged more on [take-out] and stopped walking as much.”

This was not the first time she had issues with her weight. She admitted to struggling with her weight since she was a child and had often gained and lost weight on trendy diets. “I would eat portions made for families. For a meal, I would have a large pizza, garlic bread, fried chicken, and wedges on the side which would be washed down with a 1.5-liter of cola and a big cookie pudding. Some days I would have three take-aways a day.”

With all of this binge eating, Black discovered her health was paying the price. “My health was deteriorating. I heard about the gastric sleeve, and that, for me, was my last resort for help.”

In order to afford the operation in 2021, she spent $4200 of the money she had been saving for a home. Within nine months of the operation, she had lost 196 pounds. Her new appearance boosted her confidence and gave her the idea to make further changes by having a tummy tuck, arm liposuction and muscle repair.

“I was left with loads of loose skin, so these surgeries that I had done in November 2021 helped get rid of it all.” These procedures cost her more than $8500 of her savings. Then, she spent $7200 on a series of three breast augmentation surgeries.

“A lot of people always say to me, ‘What? You had three? What the hell?’ [But} what people don’t really know [is], unless you have had a boob job, is you must go up in little stages to slowly stretch your skin. Otherwise, if you don’t, you get a lot of complications.”

Her plastic surgery adventures continued in 2022 when she went to Turkey for one of her breast augmentation surgeries and a thigh lift (at a cost of $8500). Earlier this year she had another breast augmentation surgery along with a butt lift and liposuction (at a cost of $9700).

So Long Savings – Her Current Feelings About Her Body

Black now shows off her body online as a webcam model. She has mentioned that, along with the treatments costing her a lot of money, she has also reversed some of her successful weight loss.

“When I was bigger, I was obviously more curvaceous, and I just missed having some curves, as they always made me feel feminine. So I gained some extra weight which ended up being [28 pounds] and booked myself in for the BBL and other procedures. It was a bit triggering when I was getting it done, as they needed me to have enough fat to suck out of me, to put back into me. I just kept thinking to myself, ‘Oh god, I’m doing the opposite. I’m putting weight back on.’”

“But you know what? After the surgery, I feel really good, and it’s the best I have ever felt.”

In total, her plastic surgery procedures cost more than $38,200 which is $2000 more than the amount of money she had saved to buy a new home.

Black says her life has been fantastic since she had her various plastic surgery procedures. “I would do it again in a heartbeat to see myself in the mirror now and actually smile back at my reflection.”

She is now making plans to save money once again for a new home she hopes to buy in the next year or two. “At the end of the day, money comes back, but it’s helped me mentally and physically. All these surgeries – and I do not regret it.

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