Cosmetic Town Intelligent System - How it picks the Best Cosmetic Doctors in the USA

Posted October 26, 2020
Cosmetic Town spotlights cosmetic breast surgery in April

We know that it is not always easy to find the best doctor to perform a desired cosmetic procedure. In order to help the patient decision making process, Cosmetic Town has published a series of articles that spotlight the best cosmetic doctors across the country. The doctors included in the series have proven results and they are recognized by patients and their peers as the best in the country at performing certain cosmetic procedures in the cities where they reside. Some of the “best of” cosmetic surgery lists we have published include medical professionals performing procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, butt augmentation and rhinoplasty. Each of the doctors on these lists is picked using the Cosmetic Town intelligent system.

Cosmetic Town Intelligent System Explained

When examining the qualified and board-certified candidates for our “best cosmetic doctors” lists, our research staff follows a strict set of criteria when researching the doctors eligible to make the lists. Here are some of the steps our research team follows to examine the qualifications of each doctor:

  • Extensive consumer research that is specifically focused on the field of cosmetic surgery through the use of an intelligent algorithm (a step-by-step procedure for making calculations in data processing and automated reasoning). We have focused on the patient reviews, proven results, relevant training, board certification and years practicing in the medical field for the doctors being considered for the lists. The Cosmetic Town team studied the field of cosmetic surgery all across the United States to discover the most popular procedures in various cities as well as the number of cosmetic surgeons currently performing these cosmetic procedures in each city.  
  • Another important factor that the Cosmetic Town team examines includes the amount of research and peer sharing efforts performed by the doctors being considered for the “best of” lists. The doctors need to show a continuing amount of peer sharing efforts through the use of medical articles written specifically for medical journals. These articles are an important part of the peer sharing process that allows doctors to share their experience and knowledge with their peers in the medical world.
  • Once the cosmetic doctors across the country are identified by the Cosmetic Town intelligent system, our research team begins the task of taking a closer look at the doctors and how they give back by educating and interacting with their patients. For example, the Cosmetic Town staff examines the type, as well as the amount, of patient education efforts conducted by the identified cosmetic doctors on a regular basis. Their education efforts are studied to see what kind of efforts the doctors perform to inform the public about the natural and long lasting results that can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. Some of the educational efforts that our research team examines include online educational videos and seminars as well as blogs and articles written on platforms that are designed for patient education (such as Cosmetic Town).

The work of the Cosmetic Town research team is just beginning once the list of possible names for the cosmetic doctors on the list is narrowed down. Our team checks their selections to make sure the criteria used to choose the doctors was accurate as well as unbiased before making the final selections for the “best of” lists. Cosmetic Town also ensures the final selection of doctors was not influenced by any outside elements. None of the cosmetic doctors on the list has any kind of input or improper influence on their selection to the “best of” lists. Since Cosmetic Town does not accept a sponsorship or compensation of any kind from the cosmetic surgeons, we are able to ensure the selection of the doctors is not biased in any way.

Cosmetic Town Intelligent System Continuing Efforts

Even after the final list of doctors is determined and shared with the readers of Cosmetic Town, the efforts of our research team are not over. Our staff continues to review the ongoing level of satisfaction patients have with the doctors that are included on our “best of” lists. Our lists are updated on an annual basis which means the doctors are not permanently placed on the lists. The doctors must continue their education and peer-sharing efforts in order to once again make one of our “best of” lists. Patients want to know that their doctor is continuing to expand his or her skills. They also want to know their doctor is staying up to date with the latest techniques available in their medical field to provide the natural looking results desired by patients. If the doctors do not seem to be making an ongoing effort to educate the public, or provide the level of satisfaction desired by their patients, they will not be considered again for inclusion in the Cosmetic Town “best of” lists.



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