Best Celebrity Hair Transplants Revealed

Posted August 29, 2019
Discover the Secrets of the Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

In Hollywood, celebrities are expected to maintain a certain appearance in order to look red carpet ready at all times. They have to wear the latest fashions as well as sport a full and healthy head of hair that others will want to copy for their own style. However, not every celebrity that lights up the silver screen, or comes into the homes of their fans via TV shows, is blessed with a good hair of head. They often have to turn to surgical methods in order to achieve the results they desire when it comes to hair density and fullness they want to achieve on a daily basis. These celebrities often turn to a hair transplant to get the hairline they desire.

Cosmetic Town TV is exposing the secrets of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars by taking a look at the celebrities that have undergone a hair transplant. In order to identify the superstars with the best hair thanks to hair transplants, Cosmetic Town TV visited the offices of Dr. Parsa Mohebi, the founder of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and San Francisco:

Celebrity Hair Transplant Secrets

Some of the best celebrity hair transplants include:

  • Matthew McConaughey Hair TransplantMatthew McConaughey – This Oscar winning actor is well-known for his thick and healthy head of hair. This was not always the case as his hair seemed to be receding in 1999. Many celebrity observers felt that his hair loss was the result of androgenetic alopecia. Just a few years later, in 2001, Matthew appeared on David Letterman’s show with a full head of hair. Letterman did not avoid the issue and asked the actor how he was able to regrow his hair. Matthew claimed that his hair regrowth was due to a product known as Regenix. However, there are only two products that are FDA-approved to regrow hair (finasteride and minoxidil) and Regenix is not one of them. Matthew claims that he rubbed the product into his hairline for 20 minutes per day to achieve his results. Flash forward to 2008 and his hairline still looked healthy but the hair behind the suspected first transplant continued to look thinner. Finally, at the 2014 Oscars, his hairline was thick all around and he was missing any thin hair or bald patches. All of this evidence leads hair restoration experts to believe that Matthew had one (or more) hair transplants to restore his hairline.
  • Jude Law Hair TransplantJude Law – Jude Law is another actor that struggled with a receding hairline. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1999 and he already had a slight recession at the temples when it came to his hairline. In 2004, he showed more signs of hair loss with some bald spots growing in size at the corners of his hair. In 2009, he started to wear hats on a regular basis as his hairline continued to go backwards. The year 2011 saw even more hair loss including more recession at the temples and a loss of hair on the top of his head. A year later, in 2012, Law suddenly seemed to have regained most of his hair with increased density and coverage being on display. However, his hair loss was present again in 2013 but his hairline is thick and full again in 2019. With all of this hair loss back and forth, did Jude Law have a hair transplant? It seems rather obvious thanks to his thicker hairline in 2019. Some hair Elton John Hair Transplantrestoration experts think he might have undergone a minimally invasive technique so the results would be more subtle and not as obvious to the public.
  • Elton John – This award-winning singer/songwriter started to display thinning hair at the height of his popularity in the 1970s. He had his first hair transplant in 1978 and has sported a healthy head of hair since that time. Many hair restoration experts feel that his solo hair transplant in the 1970s was not enough to provide his lifetime full of hair. It is suspected that Elton John has undergone multiple hair transplants since the 1970s to keep his current, full hairline.
  • John Travolta – An actor that has remained in the spotlight since the 1970s, the recession of Travolta’s hairline was obvious to causal viewers throughout his John Travolta Hair Transplantmovie career. He wore hairpieces on the big screen for years until a prominent change in his hairline happened earlier this decade. In 2016, he started to sport a much fuller head of hair that also looked very healthy. In addition, he looked much younger than he had in years past. Many celebrity hair transplant watchers credit his new look to a hair transplant.

Celebrity Hair Transplant First Steps

Just like a hair transplant for anyone else, the first step in a celebrity hair transplant is undergoing a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The surgeon will examine the patient to determine the cause of the hair loss as well as the extent of the hair loss. Once the doctor discusses the desired final results with the patient, the best hair transplant technique to achieve the desired results will be determined and performed to give the patient the desired hairline full of thick and healthy hair.



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