Procedures Offered

  • Hair Transplant
  • Medical Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Transplant Revision
  • Other Hair Procedures
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • Hairline Lowering
  • Scalp Micropigmentation

Board Certification

  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery


  • Medical Doctorate , National School of Medicine , Los Angeles , CA , 1997
  • General Surgery Training , Univsersity of New Mexico , Albuquerque , NM , 2002
  • General Surgery Training , York Hospital , York , PA , 2005

Member of

  • First Chairman of FUE Research Committee of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Asian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Cosmetic Town Advisory Board 2017


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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is a hair transplant technique where small units of one to four hairs are transferred from a region with better hair quality to an area lacking in hair. The FUE transplant utilizes a small, round punch tool for follicle extraction rather than removing a linear strip...

FUE Efficiency - New FUE Transplant Technologies

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Not anymore, thanks to new hair transplant technologies that have been developed in the last few years, increasing hair restoration efficiency. Because of these new Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) innovations, hair transplants have advanced to an incredible degree, and...

Celebrity (Non-Shaven) FUE Hair Transplant™

While there are many people interested in having a hair transplant procedure, the main stumbling block for many is the fact they don’t want anyone to know they had a procedure. This is especially true of celebrities in the public eye on a daily basis. Celebrities don’t want their fans,...

Videos by Parsa Mohebi, MD

Parsa Mohebi, MD has uploaded 12 videos

Real Beauty Story: FUE Hair Transplant

Kenny Lofton (former MLB player, six-time All-Star, four-time Gold Glove Award winner, and was ranked 15th among all-time stolen base leaders) decided to visit Dr. Parsa Mohebi's Hair Restoration office to receive a FUE Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Journey (Pre-surgery to 9 Month Post-Op)

A hair transplant patient documented his entire Hair Transplant experience with Dr. Parsa Mohebi. From start to finish, he captured his hair transplant results to share with others who are interested in the procedure!

FUE Procedure 4-11 Feat. Dr. Parsa Mohebi

We are breaking down everything you need to know about the FUE procedure. We spoke with Beverly Hills, Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi about the topic and he shared his insight.

Best Celebrity Hair Transplants feat. Dr. Parsa Mohebi

CT has come out with a list of the top celebrity hair transplants in Hollywood and we have expert opinion from Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

Exploring robotic hair transplant

Beverly Hills Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains how the robotic hair transplant works.

The Recovery Process of an FUE procedure

Beverly Hills Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains to us the recovery of an FUE hair transplant.

Cost of a hair transplant

Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains to us the cost of an FUE Hair Transplant and what determines it.

How long does FUE take

Learn how long an FUE Hair Transplant surgery takes, Explained by Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

Who is good candidate for FUE

Who is a great candidate for FUE Hair Transplant? Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains to us who is the right candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant!


Hair restoration webinar from Dr. Mohebi

Hollywood Celebrity talks hair

Hollywood Celebrity, Brad Dourif talks about his hair transplant surgery.  He discusses why hair is important for actors and what changes he has experienced in his life after his hair transplant with Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

Parsa Mohebi MD - Philosophy

Dr. Mohebi describes his philosophy in patient care.

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Awesome results!

5.0 Stars / 5

I’ve always been afraid of the thought of having a hair transplant procedure even though I desperately needed one. After a great deal of persuasion from friends and family, I decided to undergo the procedure because I was suffering from extensive hair loss at the time. I was told that the importance of choosing the right doctor couldn’t be overemphasized and I really understood this after my experience with Dr. Mohebi. He was very attentive and understanding. The environment and the facilities are top notch. The payment process was also easy. What I valued the most was the time Dr. Mohebi talking to me and carefully explaining the details of the procedure. I’m really grateful and the results are spectacular.

5.0 Stars / 5

Dr. Mohebi and his staff provide excellent care! The procedure went smoothly, and came out GREAT. Years after, Dr. Mohebi and his staff continue to provide excellent support. Would highly recommend this good doctor without one iota of equivocation.

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4.0 Stars / 5

I've had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Mohebi, over the course of three years. I had two hair transplant and a SMP procecure during this time.  I have been very satisfied with the result.

I was told various numbers of follicular grafts for my procedure by different doctors. I did a lot of research so I knew what a hair transplant was about and everything semed a lot like what I wanted to hear. Dr. Parsa Mohebi was the last doctor I consulted with, and I felt like he gave me a more honest outlook.  He didn't promise any particular results. He told me the best and worst case scenarios.  

He suggested a number of grafts that I felt comfortable with and it sounded right in the middle of the high and low suggestions I'd been given by other doctors. He also said to me exactly how the procedures worked and what to expect after hair transpalnt.  

It was not easy to wait until the grafts start growing hair and it took at least six months to start to see the results of the hair transplant. I can say is that every procedure has met my expectations and what I was prepared to experience.  Doctor and his team have always been very helpful and to the point.  

I highly recommend Dr. Mohebi if you need any hair restoration.

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