Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening uses bleaching gel to whiten the teeth.  In-office teeth whitening has the dentist place bleaching gel on the teeth. A light or laser activates the bleaching process. Oxygen emerges into the enamel and lightens the color of the teeth. At home whitening can be performed after the dentist makes a mouth guard for the patient's teeth. The whitening gel is applied to the mouthpiece and inserted into the patient's mouth over the next 2-4 weeks for 30 minutes per day. Over the counter whitening gels are applied to the teeth, twice a day, with a small brush. Whitening strips bought at a store are thin strips of plastic coated with a gel and used twice daily.

Ideal candidates for teeth whitening includes anyone with healthy teeth that can be brightened due to discoloration or surface stains. In addition, patients that have taken antibiotics that cause the teeth to become discolored or people with enamel on the teeth that is aged or has tiny cracks are also good candidates.

The cost of teeth whiting depends on the type of treatment performed on the patient. Whitening gels and strips, purchased over the counter, cost anywhere from $20 to $150. In-office teeth whitening is anywhere from $500-$700. Home whitening treatments cost from $200 to $400 to treat the whole set of teeth.

Teeth whitening is usually a painless procedure but there will be some sensitivity during the first day. The results from teeth whitening can be seen after a 30-60 minute treatment but the results vary depending on the degree of discoloration. To obtain the best results for badly discolored teeth, patients will usually need multiple sessions. The results last for approximately 4-6 months before they start to fade. The results can be extended by limiting, or eliminating, food and beverages which stain the teeth as well as no smoking after the procedure.

Vital and Nonvital Teeth Whitening

Vital and Nonvital Teeth Whitening

submitted on   Fri Oct, 16, 2015 by Yahya Mansour, DDS     
The difference between vital and nonvital teeth whitening is whether the tooth has had a root canal. If a patient has had a root canal, and wants to bleach or whiten the discolored tooth, that is nonvital bleaching. Vital bleaching is for normal and healthy teeth which are bleached a couple of...