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Thanks dr. jouriy, your words really did more than you know
5.0 Stars / 5

5.0 Stars / 5

I recently had porcelain veneers on my teeth, 16 in total, 8 on upper and 8 on lower. I’m really excited about the initial results though I still feel a little strange especially when I look in the mirror. I guess it’s normal since I just had them. I want to thank Doctor Jouriy and the entire team. They were professional, comforting and very gracious. The procedure was very tiring for me and I bet it must have been the same for them. The prep and filling lasted about two hours. Then there was the fitting which is the most exhausting part. At the end of the procedure, my lips were sore and swollen. I really appreciate Doctor Jouriy’s comforting words and gentle touch. I don’t think I could’ve gone through with the procedure if not for the great expertise and care shown. Also, I must say what a nice clinic you have with top-notch equipment.