Learn why an Australian Blogger is worried about COVID-19 Cosmetic Surgery Restrictions

Posted April 22, 2020
Why a blogger worries about COVID-19 cosmetic surgery rules

Cosmetic surgery is popular all over the world as patients have cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers and rhinoplasty to achieve the look they have always desired. Currently, many patients have to skip previously scheduled cosmetic surgery appointments due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Medical offices around the world are temporarily closed due to government restrictions that are designed to protect patients as well as free up medical equipment and hospital beds for patients in need of treatment after contracting coronavirus. While cosmetic surgery patients understand the medical need for this decision, there are some people that are worried about maintaining the appearance they gained through cosmetic surgery.

Australian Blogger on Missing Monthly Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

According to The Daily Mail, a nursing student named Zilla Stacey, better known as Miss Zedd on Instagram, has spent more than $200,000 on cosmetic surgery in the last decade. While she admits that the coronavirus pandemic is saving her more than $1500 each month on cosmetic surgery treatments, she is worried about the impact this will have on her Instagram account as well as her beauty standards.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began in Australia, the 29-year-old has been forced to postpone three surgeries and they include buccal fat pad removal, scar removal and a liposuction correction surgery. She recently told a reporter that she “had to postpone my lipo correction” and she finds it “frustrating because I planned it for winter so that when summer comes around I don’t have to be in the surgical garments. They are basically like a wetsuit so they are super uncomfortable to wear when it’s hot.”

Stacey added that her main fear is “turning into a complete mole rat” after spending more than a dozen years maintaining her appearance through filler and Botox treatments.

Monthly Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for Miss Zedd

During an average month in the life of Miss Zedd, she will have “filler of some sort” and the filler might be injected into her cheeks, jowls, chin, jawline, lips or the lines around her mouth. Since many filler treatments can last up to a year, she does not have all of these areas treated at one time. She only gets additional filler when it is necessary to maintain the results in the targeted area.

In addition to filler, Miss Zedd has also had Botox placed in her forehead, chin and underarm area. Plus, she has skin tightening treatments, cellulite removal and her teeth whitened on a regular basis.

Even though she has to miss having these procedures performed on a regular basis, she believes that the correct decision has been made to keep people at home during the pandemic. She advises patients to have FaceTime consultations with their doctors and even book appointments for later in the year once the lockdown restrictions are no longer in place.

Impact of Loss of Cosmetic Surgery on an Influencer

The COVID-19 lockdown has impacted her ability to earn money and Miss Zedd says she has lost more than $40,000 in planned travel expenses. She has not been able to get a refund for some travel expenses as the airlines have replaced her cancelled tickets with a travel voucher. In addition, she is not able to get a refund for events she is not able to attend thanks to the rescheduling of the dates to later in the year.

Stacey is also starting to see lost income because some of her brand deals for beauty companies are being cancelled because of the lockdown. Many businesses are reducing their expenses, or closing completely, because of the current health environment and this means many social media influencers like Miss Zedd are losing endorsement deals.

Miss Zedd and her Rise to Cosmetic Surgery Stardom

Miss Zed was 18 years old when she first started to have Botox and fillers on a regular basis. Her next step was doing years of careful research to find the right doctor to perform a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to enhance and contour her backside.

She decided to have a BBL because she was not happy with the results she was achieving at the gym. Miss Zedd posted videos of the process on YouTube and the videos included images of her bloodied clothes after the surgery as well as how she had to be positioned in order to sleep after the cosmetic surgery. She wanted to achieve an appearance that included a small waist, high hips and a “peachy booty” and the cost of gaining this look was $18,000-$20,000.

One year after her Brazilian butt lift, Miss Zedd decided to undergo fat transfer to her breasts to gain fullness in the appearance of her breasts. She had liposuction performed on her thighs and knees to get the necessary amount of fat to transfer to the breasts. The decision to have fat transfer to the breasts was made to avoid breast implants that might leave a large scar on the breasts.

Cosmetic Surgery and COVID-19

Since cosmetic surgery procedures are considered to be elective surgeries, they are not viewed as being essential procedures that need to be performed during the global pandemic. Patients that want to learn more about COVID-19, as well as when their doctor thinks they might be able to undergo their desired procedure, are encouraged to contact the office of their doctor for more information. Many cosmetic surgeons are scheduling online consultations at this time to keep their patients properly informed about the impact of coronavirus on cosmetic surgery.



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