Quick Lift

Quick Lift is a minimally invasive facelift procedure that begins with the making of a small "S" shaped incision along the sideburns. It extends along the tragus of the ear (large fleshy part at the base of the ear), around the earlobe and up the hairline toward the nape. Then, the underlying connective tissue and facial musculature is gently lifted and tightened using a purse-string suture technique.  The redundant skin is removed and the incision is carefully closed using a suturing technique designed to minimize any visible scarring.

The best candidates for a Quick Lift are usually between the ages of 40-65. It can also be performed on younger clients such as those who have lost a lot of weight. Ideal candidates should have mild to moderate lower facial and/or neck laxity and also have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

The typical cost for Quick Lift ranges from $4000-$6500.The final cost depends on a variety of factors including hospital or surgical facility fees, the surgeon’s level of expertise, the geographic location of the procedure and if any other procedures are performed at the same time.

Quick Lift is intended to tighten skin around the lower half of the face and neck. The result is a refreshed, well-rested and more youthful appearance. Patients should be able to return to work after a week. Stiches are removed 7-9 days after the procedure. Temporary swelling and bruising may be experienced after the procedure. To minimize swelling, patients are encouraged to sleep with their head elevated for the first week and to apply cold compresses for the first 48 hours. Results from Quick Lift can last up to 10 years.



submitted on   Thu Jul, 09, 2015 by Alexander Ovchinsky, MD     
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