Don't Have Injectables until You Read These Facts

Posted December 18, 2020

Some people feel that injectables are an ideal option to help them gain a youthful look while others are afraid of having a needle placed in their face. No matter your opinion of the subject of injectables, it can’t be denied that they are quite popular with the general public. There might be some confusion about injectable thanks to the different choices available from medical professionals such as dermatologists. Are you interested in having this cosmetic procedure in order to gain a more youthful look? Are you interested in learning how they work? Don’t have an injectables treatment until you read the facts included in this article.

Injectables Facts You Should Know

  • There are three types of injectables that can be used to rejuvenate your appearance:

1. Neuromodulators – This type of injectable is used to weaken and paralyze the facial muscles. While Botox is the most common one, other choices include Dysport and Xeomin. Many patients like to have neuromodulators because of the ease of the procedure and the fact that the results are easy to see. Neuromodulators are injected into the face to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead and fine lines on the face.

2. Dermal Fillers – This type of injectable is placed under the skin to add volume back into areas where it was lost due to the aging process. They can be placed in areas such as the cheeks or even in the lips to add more volume.  Check out how lip fillers are performed thanks to the Lip Filler Procedure 411 from Cosmetic Town TV:

Dermal fillers are commonly made of hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane. Other popular dermal fillers are made of different substances and they include Sculptra (Poly-L-lactic acid) and Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite).

3. Kybella – This type of injectable is a deoxycholic acid that is used under the chin to dissolve small areas of fat.

  • The price of having injectables varies across the country. Some of the factors that go into the cost of injectables include the type of injectables used, the amount of injectables used, the area of the country where the procedure is performed and any extra fees charged by the doctor or the facility.
  • Injectables are capable of more than just reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face.  They are also used by patients to reduce or eliminate hollow sections under the eyes, provide an enhanced look to the lips and give a lift to the appearance of the cheekbones. In addition, they are used to provide a better contour and definition to the jawline and even alter or enhance the look of the nose (AKA non-invasive rhinoplasty).
  • While many people are not very excited about the idea of having a needle placed somewhere in their body, the amount of pain from receiving an injectable is usually quite small. It is often described as being “minimal” in terms of the total amount of pain felt by the patient. Doctors can always use a numbing cream to help reduce any pain if you are afraid of the needle. An ice pack can also be put on the treated area to help reduce any stinging or pain where the needle was placed.
  • The total recovery time for an injectable is not very long, For example, Botox can cause some pink dots to appear after the treatment but they can disappear as quickly as 10-15 minutes after the procedure. Fillers might cause some bruising and swelling but they will resolve within a few hours to a few days. Kybella might result in some swelling that can last up to three weeks.
  • You should know that most injectables are not permanent so you will need to have a follow-up treatment in the future. Kybella is a permanent solution to treating fat under the chin.  The other injectables, such as fillers and Botox, eventually wear off and repeat treatments will be necessary to maintain the results. Some patients are happy that the results are not permanent because they are not sure about the type of results they will enjoy from the treatment. They might like their new look or they might be unhappy with the results. If they do not like the results, they can try a different type of injectable in the future. 

If you are interested in having injectables placed in your face to try and gain a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance, you should schedule an appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in providing results that are natural in appearance. The doctor can examine your skin and determine its current condition as well as the reasons for a loss in volume or the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Once the medical professional has a better idea of the current condition of the skin, a plan can be made to make changes in your appearance. The doctor will also set realistic expectations so you will not be surprised by the results produced by the injectable treatment.



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