Demand for Cosmetic Surgery Increases - Reasons Revealed

Posted June 21, 2021
Cosmetic surgery demand is increasing

As summertime begins, medical offices that are offering cosmetic procedures are experiencing an increase in appointment requests. Unlike the recent growth in appointments due to the “Zoom Boom” where people wanted to improve their appearance during video meetings for work, the latest demand is related to patients preparing for the return of in-person meetings. The growing number of Americans that have received the COVID-19 vaccine means more workers are returning to the office on a regular basis.

Cosmetic Surgeon Discusses Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery Demand

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a New York City dermatologist, told, “Most cosmetic physicians, including myself, are at the busiest points of our careers right now mostly because of the huge demand for people to get back to life. Since we are a service industry and only have our own hands, there is a huge demand and limited supply for how we work.”

Some of the most popular procedures that are currently requested by patients are either non-invasive or minimally invasive choices that utilize lasers and radiofrequency waves to reduce or eliminate fat without the need for invasive surgery. Patients are able to heal quickly after cosmetic procedures such as CoolSculpting and return to work the next day.

In addition, patients are looking forward to wearing summer clothes that are shorter and show off more skin. They are ready to go outdoors and spend time with family and friends that they missed last year. Patients are looking to tighten their skin and gain a more fit and youthful look to the body. They also want to undergo body contouring procedures to remove stubborn fat deposits that have been resistant to diet and exercise in the past.

Cosmetic Surgery Survey Results Revealed

In April of this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that 35\\% of more than 1000 women they surveyed, who previously had at least one cosmetic surgery procedure or a procedure that is considered to be minimally invasive, planned to spend more money on treatments this year. The ASPS also reported that body contouring procedures are very popular with tummy tucks reported by 22\\% of the women surveyed and liposuction reported by 17\\% of women likely to consider having a procedure within six months. Their reasons for wanting to have these treatments are related to fluctuations in their weight during the 2020 quarantine and having a greater amount of time to consider undergoing procedures that were delayed due to cost or time (pre-COVID). The cost is seen as less of a factor this year due to limited spending on leisure activities due to COVID-19.

Body Contouring Remains a Popular Cosmetic Surgery Option

Dr. Bruce Katz, a New York dermatologist, told the demand for cosmetic treatments is around 25\\%-30\\% higher than the demand of previous years. Dr. Katz reports that patients are seeking treatments that give the body a better shape and contour by reducing cellulite and fat, tightening the skin and building muscle. “The demand for body contouring treatments is huge; it’s very clear that my patients are ready to leave their homes and want to look and feel their best when they do. Due to the pandemic, men and women are sitting more, [but] anticipating travel as well as spending increased time outdoors, so are looking to get their bodies beach ready before the summer.”

Self-Care Looks to Continue in the Coming Months

The extended time at home has also given patients more time to reflect on how they want their body to look when viewed by others. They have been allowed more time to focus on their self-care and gain a better idea of the procedures they want to undergo but have been putting off in the past.

Even with the ability to spend time with family and friends in-person growing over the summer, the influence of the “Zoom Boom” will likely continue. The past year has given the public more time to take things a bit slower as opposed to always being in a rush to the next task. The need to shelter in place at home has resulted in more self-reflection and a greater desire for self-care on the part of the public.

Even with offices beginning to reopen, there are still people using Zoom for business meetings which means they are staring at their appearance on a regular basis. Botox and fillers are still popular treatment options for those that want to look their best on video call as well as in-person. Patients are also requesting cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate the look of the face such as a facelift or eye lift. They are looking to take advantage of still being able to work from home on a semi-regular basis where they can recover out of the view of the public.

In general, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the work culture of the United States and how workers view their priorities when it comes to self-care. It is predicted these changes will be long-lasting and the demand for post-quarantine cosmetic surgery will continue in the coming months.

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