TikTok Cosmetic Surgery Trend – “Strawberry Lift”

Posted April 12, 2022
TikTok trend strawberry lift

A quick look at social media on a daily basis will usually reveal a new cosmetic surgery trend that is a “must have” procedure. These trends, which are sometimes referred to as “micro-trends,” capture the imagination of the public and crate a buzz on social media. The latest cosmetic surgery procedure to get the attention of patients is the “Strawberry Lift” which is a treatment that promises to take just a few minutes to reduce double chins and redefine the look of the jawline.

Strawberry Lift Explained

The “Strawberry Lift” started to grow in popularity after being promoted by 360 Aesthetics. They describe it as “a non-expensive painless and non-invasive method, which works in as little as 12 minutes.” In addition, they also claim the results of this non-surgical procedure can last for a period of up to 18 months.

In general, the “Strawberry Lift,” which is also known as the “Strawberry Laser,” uses a laser treatment to eliminate fat cells from a targeted area on the face (usually the chin). An ultrasound treatment is also used to stimulate collagen production and give the skin a smoother appearance thanks to a redefinition of the contours of the face. In addition to reducing a double chin, the procedure is also said to sculpt the appearance of the jaw and lift the cheekbones.

Laser lipolysis is performed to penetrate anywhere from 9-13mm into the fat cells. The laser light penetrates the skin and shrinks fat cells. The laser stimulates collagen production which will create new fibroblast cells that reduce the amount of skin laxity in the treated section of the body. Then, a probe applicator is used to massage the area that goes from below the cheekbone to the lower neck. The patient enjoys tighter skin, a more contoured look to the neck and jawline and an improvement in the appearance of any facial jowls.

Cosmetic Surgery and Social Media – What is the Connection?

While all of the various techniques and medical methods used by patients are designed to make them feel better about their appearance, there are many people that undergo cosmetic procedures in order to make them look better on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. A quick look at either of these social media networks shows a number of videos that spotlight the results from cosmetic surgery and even “behind the scenes” experiences of the people posting the videos.

The viewing of cosmetic procedures on social media can increase the enthusiasm felt for certain treatments and result in many potential patients taking action and booking an appointment. While it is a good thing if people get excited about undergoing a procedure, they do need to understand that the final results vary per patient so they should not expect to achieve the same look they view on social media.

The ”Strawberry Lift” has been received positively on social media thanks to the amount of interest it has created in people looking to eliminate the look of their double chin and those who want to gain a more sculpted look to the face. The public is especially drawn to the fact that the treatment only takes a few minutes to perform.

The Strawberry Lift – Is It Painful?

Since 360 Aesthetics helped to grow the popularity of the treatment, a reporter for Glamour recently decided to visit the clinic to undergo the procedure (even though it is also performed at other clinics).

According to the reporter, the treatments were “actually very relaxing, something I wasn’t expecting.” She said it felt like a facial massage or skin being scraped off the face. The process was described by the reporter as a circular motion on the jaw and neck that was free of pain. In general, the reporter found the process to be pleasant and it did not require any aftercare once she returned home.

Strawberry Lift – Next Steps

Since a “Strawberry Lift” is a non-invasive treatment that can require a few sessions to achieve the desired results, there might be not the quick recognition that often comes from having Botox or fillers placed in the body. However, subtle results from the individual treatment will often be noticed soon after the procedure.

Patients that are interested in having a “Strawberry Lift” are advised to do proper research before having the treatment performed on the targeted area of the body. Anyone interested in this lift treatment should research doctors in their area who advertise the procedure. Reading reviews from actual patients will help give a better idea about how doctors interact with their patients and the type of care they can expect to receive when visiting the medical professional.

Once a patient has a better idea about the doctor they want to visit, it is important to ask questions and make sure they feel comfortable with the person performing the treatment. Once the patient is confident in the doctor of choice, they can make the final decision about having a “Strawberry Lift.”

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