EMSCULPT contours the body by reducing fat and building muscle at the same time. It is normally used on the buttock and the abdomen. The treatment uses electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles in the targeted area. The contractions build new muscle mass and also increased definition and tone. In addition, EMSCULPT destroys fat cells by enhancing the fat metabolism. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and is equal to performing 20,000 squats or crunches. It normally takes at least four treatments to achieve the desired results.

Ideal candidate for EMSCULPT includes patients that want to define their buttocks or abdomen. In addition, patients that have a body mass index of less than 25 are also good candidates. Women looking to improve the separation of the abdominal muscles after pregnancy are ideal for the treatment.

The cost of an EMSCULPT treatment depends on the number of treatments needed, any fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the area of the country where it is performed. In general, the cost ranges from $3500-$4500 for four treatments.

There is no downtime necessary after having the treatment. Patients might feel some soreness for a few days but it will resolve on its own. Visible results can be seen two to four weeks after the final session. The results will continue to improve as the weeks go by. The final results are not permanent but they can be maintained if the patient practices a healthy lifestyle.



submitted on   Wed Oct, 10, 2018 by Mitchell Chasin, MD     
EMSCULPT is a new FDA-approved treatment for use on the abdomen and butt that works to contour the body. The device reduces fat and builds muscle simultaneously so patients can achieve the desired toned results.  EMSCULPT produces a magnetic energy that creates a series of muscle contractions...