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Posted March 24, 2020
How body contouring reduces and eliminates stubborn body fat

Many people make every effort to look good by exercising at the gym on a regular basis. People that work hard to achieve the body contouring results they want can be disappointed if their exercise routine does not deliver the final results they expected. Thankfully, technology has increased to the point that body contouring can be achieved through a number of cosmetic surgery techniques. Let’s take a look at body contouring procedures and how they can transform the body.

Body Contouring by Freezing the Fat

CoolSculpting was first approved by the FDA in 2010 and it signaled a change in body contouring procedures. Instead of having to undergo invasive surgery that required a long recovery time, patients could have a noninvasive fat removal procedure that freezes the fat cells. By freezing the fat cells in the targeted area, the fat cells are killed and then they exit the body by flushing them out while peeing. The treatment takes about 45-minutes per area and the areas of the body that can be treated by CoolSculpting include the arms, love handles and stomach.

There are other treatments that rely on the same approach of targeting the fat cells but they do not freeze the fat cells to kill them. For example, TruSculpt iD uses radiofrequency energy to destroy the fat cells while SculpSure use a large amount of heat on the fat cells through the use of a laser.

Each of the above treatments includes a minimal recovery period after the procedure. In general, the average person can see anywhere from a 20\\\%-25\\\% reduction of fat in the treated area over a period of three to four months.

Building Muscle for Body Contouring and Reducing Fat

While many people think that body contouring simply focuses on fat reduction, there are other body contouring methods that work on changing the body by building muscle. EMSCULPT works to build muscle by using electromagnetic energy to stimulate the targeted muscles. Overall, EMSCULPT gives the body a workout that is really not possible for patients to achieve on their own at the gym. EMSCULPT is equal to doing around 20,000 crunches in about 30 minutes of treatment time. Experts say that four EMSCULPT treatments can make about a 15\\\% difference in the development of the muscles of a patient.

Liposuction and Body Contouring

While liposuction is not a noninvasive body contouring procedure, many people want to undergo the treatment because it is a proven method of reducing the amount of stubborn fat that is located on the body.

While liposuction does involve cutting the skin and placing a cannula underneath the surface of the skin to suction out the fat cells, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia to ensure the patient does not feel any pain. There is no need for the patient to be put to sleep during the process. Patients need a day or two of recovery time and then they will be ready to go back to work. The amount of fat that is removed during liposuction depends on the desired final results as well as the number of treatments that are performed by the doctor.

In addition to traditional liposuction, there have been some advances in the way liposuction is performed that can make the reduction and removal of fat cells easier for patients as well as the surgeon. Some of the advances in the last few years include:

  • SmartLipo which uses a laser to melt the targeted fat so it is easier for the doctor to suck out the fat cells from the targeted area. SmartLipo also tighten the skin by promoting the production of collagen.
  • BodyTite is somewhat similar to SmartLipo but, instead of using a laser to disrupt the fat cells, BodyTite uses radiofrequency waves to firm the tissue and tighten the skin thanks to the promotion of the production of collagen.

Unlike traditional liposuction, procedures such as SmartLipo and BodyTite allow for a greater amount of detailed contouring through a more delicate approach to fat reduction and elimination.

Body Contouring Consultation Appointment

Whether a patient decides to undergo traditional liposuction or the person chooses a noninvasive method to achieve body contouring, the first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor will examine the patient to determine if the person is an ideal candidate for a body contouring treatment. In addition, the examination will allow the doctor to determine the ideal body contouring treatment to achieve the desired results.

It is also important for the doctor to set realistic expectations so the patient will not be disappointed by the final results. Each patient has individual goals and it is vital that the doctor set realistic expectations so the patient can decide whether or not the body contouring treatment is right for the results he, or she, wants to see. In addition, the patient should ask to view “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the doctor so the person can determine if the doctor is the right choice to help achieve their individual body contouring goals. 



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