BBL Alternatives - Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation Choices

Posted February 18, 2020
Discover the nonsurgical butt augmentation choices for BBL

In the mid-2010s, surgeons said the “Year of the Rear” was upon the American public. Almost half a decade later, the popularity of butt augmentation continues to grow as patients seek out a bigger and more contoured booty. While surgical butt augmentation procedures, such as butt implants or Brazilian butt lift (BBL), provide a better contour and toned appearance to the buttocks, not every patient wants to undergo surgery to gain the desired increase in their booty size. One “downside” to a BBL or butt implants is that they do not provide subtle changes to the booty. The results are rather striking and obvious to others. Because of the large changes made to the backside by surgical butt augmentation, there are some patients making changes through nonsurgical butt augmentation treatments.

Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation Procedures

Some patients turn to nonsurgical butt augmentation because buttock augmentation treatments such as a BBL can result in contour irregularities since all of the transferred fat does not survive the process. In addition, there is no way to make sure the transferred fat provides a uniform look to the augmented area.

In order to get a more uniform look, patients often turn to these nonsurgical methods:

  • Sculptra stimulates collagen production to improve the amount of elasticity as well as the overall quality of the skin. Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid and it is considered to be a good option for patients looking for a better contour and increased lift and projection as well as a smooth look to the treated area. Before the Sculptra is injected into the buttocks, it is diluted using sterile water in order to reduce the chances of lumps appearing as well as giving it more of an opportunity to spread throughout the injected area of the body. The particles of poly-L-lactic acid take 6-12 weeks to construct the scaffolding needed to grow new collagen in the treated area as the Sculptra works to trigger the building of collagen. In general, it takes six months for the final results to be visible to others. The final results also depend on how much Sculptra is injected into the buttocks. In general, side effects from Sculptra are very rare for patients.
  • Emsculpt uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy to produce up to 20,000 contractions in a span of 30 minutes. This large amount of contractions causes the muscles to have a workout that is more intense than a person is capable of doing on their own. The contractions strengthen and thicken the existing muscle fibers, build new fibers that increase muscle mass and burn off some of the existing fat. When a patient uses Emsculpt for nonsurgical butt augmentation, the greatest change in the volume of the buttocks is seen in the upper area of the butt as it gains a rounder and firmer appearance. In addition, there is a lift effect that pulls up the crease where the butt meets the thighs. The results continue to improve for six months and the final results depend on the amount of Emsculpt treatments that are performed.
  • Thermage, as well as other radiofrequency (RF) treatments, provide a more toned and youthful look but they do not add fullness to the buttocks. A radiofrequency treatment boosts collagen to provider a tighter appearance by deep-heating the skin and the septa AKA the bands of connective tissue that run through the fat layer and attach the skin to any underlying structures. When combined with other treatments like Emsculpt, radiofrequency treatments can provide greater volume along with a tighter look to the buttocks.  Some results of RF treatments can be seen right away but it will take about six months for the final results to become visible.  As with the treatments listed above, the extent of the results depends on the number of treatments performed on the patient.

It should be noted that, since these treatments are nonsurgical in nature, the final results are not permanent. Patients will need to have additional treatments to maintain their desired results.

Discuss Butt Augmentation with a Board-Certified Surgeon

The final decision about having surgical butt augmentation or nonsurgical butt augmentation is not one that should be rushed into by a patient. The patient should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon that is experienced in performing both surgical butt augmentation and nonsurgical butt augmentation. It is important that patients discuss their reasons for wanting to undergo butt augmentation so the doctor can determine if the patient is having the surgery because of a personal desire to increase the buttocks or if the patient wants to undergo butt augmentation to make someone else happy with their appearance. In addition, patients need to have realistic expectations set for them so they will not be surprised or disappointed by the final results of their treatment. A board-certified doctor will examine the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to undergo a butt augmentation procedure as well as determine the best treatment to deliver the desired final butt augmentation results.



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