Brazilian Butt Lift - Is it a Safe Procedure?

Posted June 30, 2021

The butt is a big deal when it comes to celebrities showing off their backside at red carpet events and while they are performing in front of an audience. One of the most popular butt augmentation procedures is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

What is BBL surgery?

It is a procedure that involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the buttocks. The result is a booty that has an increased and improved size, shape and contour. While this procedure is a popular choice among patients looking for a better backside, there are some people that are afraid to undergo the procedure. Patients ask the questions “Is a Brazilian butt lift a safe procedure” and “Is BBL safe?” The answers to “how safe is the Brazilian butt lift” can be discovered below.

Why is a Brazilian Butt Lift Considered a Dangerous Procedure?

There have been stories in the past about patients passing away after the process of transferring fat to the buttocks. Some doctors were injecting the fat into the muscle and this could cause the fat to travel into the blood vessels and then into the lings. The traveling of the fat might result in a fat embolism and the patient would die.

There is an updated, and safe version of the original BBL procedure, which is known as a subcutaneous-only gluteal augmentation. The subcutaneous tissue is the deepest layer of the skin and it mostly consists of fat and connective tissue. This layer acts as a “buffer” or layer of insulation that protects the internal organs and muscles. Much like the original BBL procedure, this treatment creates a better contour and shape to the butt.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Original Procedure Explained

A Brazilian butt lift is an ideal way to remove stubborn fat from the body of the patient. The surgeon removes this stubborn area of fat, that is resistant to diet and exercise, through the use of liposuction.

The fat that is removed is then processed and purified before it is injected back into the body, in the buttocks, to give the patient the desired augmentation to the backside.

Patients will immediately see an improvement in the area of the body where the liposuction was performed as well as a change in the appearance of the butt. Overall, it can take about three months for the final results to be visible due to lingering swelling as well as the body reabsorbing any fat cells that remain.  Besides seeing an increase in the size and contour of the buttocks, the patient will also enjoy a better shape and contour to the area of the body where the fat was removed. The final results should be permanent as long as the patient does not experience any large weight changes (gaining weight or losing weight) and the person follows the post-op instructions provided by the surgeon.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Ideal Patients

One of the main items that must be considered when a patient is being examined by a doctor is the amount of available fat the person has to be transferred to the butt. The fat can be removed from areas such as the waist or the back but there must be enough available fat to make the desired change in the size of the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Alternatives

Patients that do not have enough available fat to the transfer to the buttocks do have some alternatives in order to gain the improvements they want to see in the size of the butt.

  • Butt implants are placed in the buttocks area though an incision in the buttock crease or the area where the thighs meet the buttock cheeks. They are FDA-approved and made of silicone. Butt implants can be placed above or below the muscle in order to gain a rounder and fuller appearance to the butt.
  • Sculptra is a dermal filler that stimulates the body in order to produce its own collagen. The injections of Sculptra create collagen production over a period of several months so the final results are not immediately seen.
  • EmSculpt uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles in a targeted area of the body. These intense contractions build the muscles while also removing fat.  The half-hour treatment on the butt is equal to 20,000 crunches or squats.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Safety Counts

Anyone interested in having a Brazilian butt lift needs to visit a doctor that is experienced in providing superior results to patients. The potential patient can also ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the surgeon. A Brazilian butt lift can provide dramatic results and the desired appearance to the backside. However, a patient needs to know that the doctor of choice takes every precaution and has the medical knowledge and expertise to perform the procedure. A BBL is safe to undergo as long as the doctor has the necessary experience and skills to safely provide the desired results.

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