Chin Implant

Chin implants, AKA mentoplasty, uses prosthesis to augment the shape of the chin and lower jaw. They are made of materials including silicone, acrylic, Gore-Tex and hydroxyapatite and come in a variety of lengths, thickness and heights. The surgeon makes a small incision below the chin. The skin is raised and the implant is placed in a pocket. The implant can be secured to the bone or soft tissue by sutures or screws. The surgeon uses tissue-layered sutures to close the incision. Another technique makes an incision in the mouth to create a pocket in front of the jawbone. The implant is placed in the pocket and sutured closed. This method increases the risk of an infection and superior displacement.

Good candidates for chin implants include a person that wants better jawline definition and a more masculine chin instead of a chin that is receding or weak. In addition, both men and women that have proper jaw function and suitable/healthy teeth are ideal candidates. Another ideal candidate is anyone who had soft tissue fillers in the chin line previously and is now looking for more permanent results.

The price of chin implants can run between $3000 and $5000. This price does include any fees charged by the facility or the surgeon. The cost can be higher depending on the area of the country where the surgery is performed and if any additional procedures are performed on the facial area at the same time.

The patient can expect mild pain and soreness in the chin region following surgery and also some tightness because of the increased volume provided by the implant. Swelling and bruising can also be expected. Sutures in the mouth dissolve in 1-2 weeks and sutures under the chin are removed 4-7 days after surgery. Once the swelling subsides a couple weeks after surgery, patients will be able to see some results. The implant takes several months to settle into position due to the pressure it places on the overlaying soft tissue. Scarring under the chin is not very noticeable and will fade over time. Chin implants are permanent unless the patient experiences significant trauma to the chin.

Chin Implants

Chin Implants

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Chin implants, or mentoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure which uses prosthesis to augment the shape of the chin and lower jaw. Chin implants are made of various materials including silicone, acrylic, Gore-Tex and hydroxyapatite. They come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and heights in order...