What You Need to Know About Jawline Filler Radiesse?

Posted November 03, 2021
Learn about Radiesse a jawline filler

How do you achieve optimal angles with a selfie if your jawline isn’t defined or starting to sag into your neckline? You try your best to move your chin up, down, and side to side, but the issue isn’t how you are taking the picture-it’s what is missing, a defined jawline. 

Is there a way to achieve a contoured jaw? Yes, with jawline fillers. 

Jawline fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure that is trending for both men and women. People are looking for non-invasive and non-surgical options to help contour their jawline. 

But what are jaw fillers, and what is the best option out there? 

We help answer these questions and share a video recommendation from a top plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. Ready to learn more about jawline fillers? 

Let’s start from the beginning. 

Why Are People Getting Jawline Fillers?

Why People Get Jawline FillersA jawline filler procedure is a non-invasive alternative to jawline plastic surgery. A jawline surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, reshapes the jaw and chin. The surgery involves making small incisions inside the mouth and using small screws to set it into place. Chin implants can also be inserted with the same procedure to help create a fully contoured jawline and shape. This surgical procedure can also be a medical solution for people suffering from pain caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

However, if people don’t need jawline surgery for medical purposes or the jawline structure doesn’t require major surgery to fix it, a non-surgical approach with dermal fillers is a perfect alternative. Patients interested in a jawline enhancement with fillers are looking to:

  • Less recovery and downtime 
  • Not permanent; fillers eventually absorb into the body  
  • Jawline fillers cost less than jaw enhancement surgery

Ever since injectable fillers were introduced and used for the jawline, people have referred to this procedure as jawline contouring. Patients considering a jawline enhancement are looking for results: 

What is a Jawline Filler? 

Jawline fillers are made of dermal injectables, which are gel-like formulations injected into the skin. The injectables help create volume beneath the skin or add a firm structure for contouring and shape. The most commonly used jawline filler injectables are made of: 

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres

Both formulations stimulate collagen production in the injected area to create the volume over time for a natural appearance. Collagen is a protein that makes up the structure of skin, bones, and muscles.  

With the calcium hydroxylapatite formulation found in Radiesse dermal injections, the gel’s hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon help create a structure that mimics connective tissue, making it ideal for jawline contouring. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Radiesse?

The Radiesse dermal filler creates a two-step process. The filler immediately adds volume to the treated areas as the specially formulated CaHA gel is absorbed by the body, eventually stimulating collagen production and structure. In the simplest form, your body produces its own collagen filler. 

Jawline contouring with Radiesse injectables is an in-office visit that typically takes 15-30 minutes to complete the procedure. The gel-like formulation creates an immediate yet subtle appearance but ultimately takes a week for the full results to appear. 

Depending on your desired results, you may need additional treatment. Results from a Radiesse procedure can last up to 24 months and will naturally absorb into your body. 

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Rosenberg favors Radiesse, and in this video, he explains why he thinks Radiesse is the best filler option for jawline contouring.

How Can I Find a Practitioner Who Specializes with Radiesse?

Not all cosmetic procedure experts and doctors use Radiesse. Thankfully we have a searchable feature on our “Find a Doctor” navigation tool. Find the city or state you are located in, select “Face,” and click on “Radiesse,” you will find a list of doctors experienced using Radiesse. 

Make sure to consult your doctor if Radiesse is the best option for your face and jawline structure. 

- VM


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