Breast Aug with Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer adds volume to the breasts as well as a better shape and contour. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from an area on the body, usually the abdomen or thighs, and this fat is purified and transferred to the breasts. This naturally increases the breast size about half a cup size or a single cup size if two fat transfer procedures are performed.

Women that desire a breast augmentation with fat transfer need to be at a healthy weight and have enough available fat for the procedure to be successful. Ideal candidates also include women that have realistic expectations about the results and should choose a breast size that fits the frame of their body.

The cost depends on the amount of liposuction performed, the amount of fat injected, fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the area of the country where the procedure is performed. In general, the procedure costs anywhere from $8000-$15,000.

The donor site will be covered with a compression garment and the breasts will have some sutures but do not need any dressing. For the first six weeks after surgery, tight bras and sleeping on the stomach are not recommended. Results are seen almost immediately and the long term results can be seen after 3-6 months. Not all of the transferred fat will survive. The final results are permanent.

Breast Augmentation with Stem Cells

Breast Augmentation with Stem Cells

submitted on   Fri Feb, 19, 2016 by Mytien Goldberg, MD     
Breast augmentation with stem cells uses both fatty cells and a small amount of mesenchymal stem cells to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. When a doctor performs breast augmentation with stem cells, the stem cell is used for replacement of volume and to create a soft and natural...