Plastic Surgery Trends for the Rest of 2022 – See the List

Posted April 18, 2022
The rest of 2022 plastic surgery

As more people continue to resume in-office work and vacations, plastic surgeons say they are seeing an increase in the demand for plastic surgery. The desire to have cosmetic procedures does not appear to be decreasing in the near future which means there are some overall predictions for plastic surgery trends for the rest of 2022 (and beyond).

Decrease in the Desire for Facial Procedures – Even with the national break in elective surgery procedures in 2020 (due to COVID-19), facial surgeries including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and facelifts topped the list of the most performed plastic surgeries. In fact, they displaced breast augmentation as the top procedure (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). However, 2021 saw requests for facial surgeries fall in favor of procedures that altered and enhanced the appearance of the body. Some doctors are predicting a more even division between face and body procedures such as a facelift and tummy tucks.

Otoplasty is Not Just for ChildrenOtoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning, is usually performed on kids in middle school or older (since their ears are fully formed by this point in time). There has also been an increase in adult patients who have become more focused on their appearance thanks to Zoom calls and masks that do not always fit correctly. Many adults feel like their ears have been pulled away from their head thanks to wearing masks and this is leading to a rise in adult patients who want to undergo ear pinning surgery.

Body-Contouring Procedures are Gaining in Popularity – A study by the University of California San Francisco and the Journal of the American Medical Association showed Americans gained an average of two pounds per week in 2020 (from April 1st to June 1st). The gain in weight due to coronavirus lockdowns created an interest in body-contouring procedures such as liposuction. The realization that some clothing might fit tighter than it did in the past leads medical professionals to believe that body-contouring procedures will remain popular throughout the year.

Male Plastic Surgery Has Less of a Stigma – The continued news stories about plastic surgery related to the pandemic has lessened the stigma that is sometimes associated with having a procedure. The mainstream news stories about these procedures seems to have created a renewed interest among male patients. These men are seeking help in making their chest look more contoured by having gynecomastia surgery which is male breast reduction surgery. In addition, male patients are seeking out plastic surgery so they will have a younger look in the workplace since adults in their 40s and 50s are competing with younger men. There have even been reports of male patients having Botox so they can more easily hide their facial expressions when they are in meetings.

Social Media Continues to Influence the Public – Thanks to the extra spare time many people experienced during lockdown, they spent more time on social media comparing their appearance to influencers. There are some doctors who are even seeing patients come in using “influencer language” which means they talk about their appearance while using phrases such as “I have a bit of facial asymmetry.”

Smaller Procedures Being Combined for a Larger Result – One of the ongoing trends is patients looking to have several smaller procedures at the same time in order to accomplish a greater overall amount of rejuvenation to their appearance. The patient might have multiple smaller procedures, or the person might make the decision to have one larger/more aggressive procedure as well as several smaller treatments. An example would be a facelift patient also deciding to have a chemical peel or fat transfer at the same time. Another example is a patient having a skin tightening treatment at the same time as liposuction or a tummy tuck. The desire to have multiple treatments often stems from the lack of a longer recovery time even if several procedures are combined and performed at the same time.

Plastic Surgery and the Economy

Even with the popularity of the trends listed above, surgeons do warn that the economy does play a part in plastic surgery choices. If people are working and continuing to get paid, they have a better chance of being able to afford an elective plastic surgery procedure. The existence of disposable income means patients can feel confident spending money and making the desired changes to their look.

The price of plastic surgery varies per treatment and per doctor. Anyone who is interested in undergoing a procedure should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor who is experienced in performing the treatment of choice. The doctor can examine the patient and also address any questions or concerns on the part of the person. The doctor is also able to share the type of results the patient can expect to enjoy so the person can make an educated decision about having plastic surgery.

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