What Happens when a Plastic Surgery Trend is over?

Posted January 14, 2020
Plastic surgery trends don't always stay popular after patients have procedures. Find out what happens when a plastic surgery trend is over.

Before the rise of social media, fashion designers would put the majority of their focus on two big collections per year. In turn, fans of fashion would read monthly fashion magazines to see what was “on trend” in the fashion world. These days, social media features a daily dose of style news and inspiration that goes beyond simple clothing trends. A growing number of men and women are making the decision to alter their appearance, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent, thanks to what they see online each day. While some plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift or breast augmentation remain consistently popular, there are some plastic surgery trends that end up not being as long lasting in popularity as some might believe at the time they undergo the procedure.  

Instagram Face Explained

One trend that has grown in popularity and impact is the rise of the social media influencer as a career choice. One of the most popular trends for social media influencers is the “Instagram face” which is a combination of the facial features or body parts of certain celebrities that patients want to possess in order to get a perfect selfie face.

The Plastic Surgery Trends of Today Might not be the Plastic Surgery Trends of Tomorrow

Patients will visit the offices of cosmetic surgeons to request enhancements to their appearance based on the appearance they see when looking at their favorite celebrities on Instagram. Doctors have to warn patients that the changes they want to make might not be realistic since their body type might be different that the celebrity they admire. In addition, the appearance they want might not look natural and can be unbalanced with the rest of their body features.

Plus, there is also the issue of how patients will feel about their enhancements if the trend they like goes out of style or fashion in the future. What happens if lip injections are no longer popular or a natural nose becomes more popular than a surgically enhanced “perfect nose”?

The question of beauty standards and their “shelf life” have been around since the beginning of time. In addition, celebrities have always had an influence on the look desired by many members of the public. Think back to the 1990s when the oversized breast implants of celebrities like Pamela Anderson were in fashion for a little while before smaller breasts and a more fashionable look came back into style after the start of the 2000s. Instead of oversized breasts that do not look realistic, many patients are now looking to remove their overly large breast implants in favor of smaller breast implants.

In addition, there are also patients that are having fat injections placed in the breasts in order to add a little bit of volume to the top section of the breasts.

Kylie Jenner Lip Fillers Trend

Back in 2015, Kylie Jenner was credited with starting a lip fillers craze once she decided to get lip fillers that year. Besides being able to view the changes made to Jenner’s lips, social media also made it possible for patients to view photos and watch videos from respected board-certified dermatologists that were well-known known for performing lip injections on their patients. In turn, these patients would bring in “inspiration photos” of celebrities like Kylie Jenner to show their doctors the type of results they wanted to achieve with their injections.

Social media has also taken away some of the taboo nature of cosmetic surgery and made it more mainstream. That doesn’t mean that patients shouldn’t make sure they don’t go overboard with their appearance by getting too much filler or Botox. They want an enhanced look without it being too obvious that they had cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Trends – What is Still in Fashion?

One other trend regarding the type of cosmetic lip surgery described above is the trend to have injectable lip filler removed as the large lip look seems to be on its way out.

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures that are starting to trend, tear trough fillers (which are injections located just beneath the under-eye bags) are gaining traction with patients. Chin liposuction is also becoming popular as both of these procedures are bring performed so people can look better in their online photos. The tear troughs can look deeper in certain lighting so the fillers help to add more volume. On the other hand,   helps to get rid of the “double chin” look that many people dread in their selfies.

Patients should be aware that photos can have a distorted perspective thanks to lighting and angles so, even if the nose of the patient looks larger in photos, it is not necessarily that way in real life.

As the body positivity movement continues to gain in popularity, the trends in plastic surgery are also changing as more people are choosing to have a natural look. There has been a call for a more inclusive amount of representation in body types, skin colors and facial features

The question of “what happens when a plastic surgery trend ends” is not an easy one to answer because of social media and changing aesthetic preferences in society. The one thing everyone can be sure of is the fact that, when one plastic surgery trend ends, another one will appear to take its place. That is simply the way human nature works and it doesn’t look to be changing anytime in the near future.



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