Top 100 Texas Cosmetic Doctors in 2021

Posted July 09, 2021

There is a saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and this also includes the large desire of patients to travel to the state to have Texas cosmetic surgery. Patients visit cosmetic surgeons to undergo cosmetic treatments that enhance or alter the current look of various parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery is also a popular method to give a patient a more youthful and rejuvenated look to the body. Texas is a popular cosmetic surgery destination as patients enjoy having a large number of experienced and board-certified cosmetic doctors to choose from along with experiencing the sights of the state. Texas cosmetic surgeons perform a variety of procedures including rhinoplasty, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift (BBL) along with injectables such as fillers. The Cosmetic Town research team has created a list of the best Texas cosmetic doctors that provide patients with the results they desire so they can enjoy a younger and more refreshed look on a daily basis.

Take a look below to see our list of the Top 100 Texas Cosmetic Doctors in 2021:

  1. Dr. Francisco Agullo
  2. Dr. Rojan Amjadi
  3. Dr. Gregg Anigian
  4. Dr. Jeff Angobaldo
  5. Dr. John Antonetti
  6. Dr. Raghu Athre
  7. Dr. David Azouz
  8. Dr. Bonnie Baldwin
  9. Dr. Gregory Bancroft
  10. Dr. Mark Barlow
  11. Dr. Constance Barone
  12. Dr. Alfonso Barrera
  13. Dr. Bob Basu
  14. Dr. Evan Beale
  15. Dr. Rafi Bidros
  16. Dr. Nir Binur
  17. Dr. Michael Bogdan
  18. Dr. Sean Boutros
  19. Dr. James Boynton
  20. Dr. Gary Branfman
  21. Dr. Randy Buckspan
  22. Dr. John Burns
  23. Dr. Steve Byrd
  24. Dr. Bruce Byrne
  25. Dr. Steven Camp
  26. Dr. Camille Cash
  27. Dr. Christine Cheng
  28. Dr. Ramsey Choucair
  29. Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo
  30. Dr. Wilberto Cortes
  31. Dr. Minas Constantinides
  32. Dr. Melissa Crosby
  33. Dr. Charles Day
  34. Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz
  35. Dr. Mark Deuber
  36. Dr. Lucia Zoraida Diaz
  37. Dr. Cara Downey
  38. Dr. Frederick Duffy
  39. Dr. Scott Farber
  40. Dr. Cary Scott Feldman
  41. Dr. Mennen Gallas
  42. Dr. David Genecov
  43. Dr. Warren Ellsworth
  44. Dr. Richard Ethridge
  45. Dr. Nicholas Haddock
  46. Dr. Jeffrey Hall
  47. Dr. Andy Hand
  48. Dr. Elizabeth Harris
  49. Dr. Craig Harrison
  50. Dr. Jonathan Heistein
  51. Dr. Bruce Hermann
  52. Dr. Gary Horndeski
  53. Dr. Patrick Hsu
  54. Dr. Bradley Hubbard
  55. Dr. Eric Humble
  56. Dr. Shayan Izaddoost
  57. Dr. Gary Jacobs
  58. Dr. Azul Jaffer
  59. Dr. Mark Jabor
  60. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar
  61. Dr. James Kadi
  62. Dr. Scott Kasden
  63. Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel
  64. Dr. Elizabeth Kerner
  65. Dr. Emily Kirby
  66. Dr. Sam Lam
  67. Dr. Chris Livingston
  68. Dr. Andrew Lyos
  69. Dr. Ricardo Meade
  70. Dr. Henry Mentz
  71. Dr. Eric Minns
  72. Dr. Raja Mohan
  73. Dr. Rolando Morales
  74. Dr. Newton Moscoe
  75. Dr. John T. Nguyen
  76. Dr. Morgan Norris
  77. Dr. Rocco Piazza
  78. Dr. David Rasmussen
  79. Dr. Donna Rich
  80. Dr. Kendall Roehl
  81. Dr. Rod Rohrich
  82. Dr. Forrest Roth
  83. Dr. Vishnu Rumalla
  84. Dr. Patrick Schaner
  85. Dr. Jesse Smith
  86. Dr. Sadri Sozer
  87. Dr. Ashley Steinberg
  88. Dr. Christine Carman Stiles
  89. Dr. Ravi Somayazula
  90. Dr. Sam Sukkar
  91. Dr. Ben Tittle
  92. Dr. Paul Vitenas
  93. Dr. Laurence Weider
  94. Dr. Thomas Weiner
  95. Dr. Stephen J. White
  96. Dr. Robert Whitfield
  97. Dr. Robert Wilcox
  98. Dr. Erik Wilson
  99. Dr. R. Scott Yarish
  100. Dr. Patty Young

Texas Cosmetic Doctors – How the Doctors were Picked this Year

When performing the task of researching the names of doctors for our 2021 list, our research team examined a number of items in order to create the list. In order to learn the necessary information about the doctors, the Cosmetic Town intelligent system was used to take a closer look at the following items:

  • All of the doctors on the list needed an up-to-date board-certification status. If you want to see if your doctor of choice has a current board-certification status, go to to learn the information you want to know about the credentials of your doctor and if the doctor is a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
  • Our staff performed consumer research that focused on the cosmetic surgery field. The Cosmetic Town research staff used an intelligent algorithm to closely examine the relevant medical training of each doctor, their actual patient reviews and results and the overall medical experience of each doctor.
  • The continuing education efforts of the doctors, in order to provide patients the most current information about cosmetic surgery, was examined by the Cosmetic Town research team. The educational efforts of the doctors could include patient Q&A, online educational videos and blogs on their website and medical articles relevant to their medical specialty for their website or websites that specialize in educating the public about cosmetic surgery (such as Cosmetic Town)
  • Our staff examined the research and peer sharing efforts performed by the doctors such as regularly writing medical articles for publication in medical journals.

Top Texas Cosmetic Doctors – Your Next Steps

Now that we have revealed the names of the Top 100 Texas Cosmetic Doctors in 2021, you can learn more about your preferred cosmetic doctors in Texas by performing your own research efforts. Once you schedule a consultation appointment, the doctor will perform a complete physical examination in order to determine your overall health and make sure you are an ideal patient for the procedure you have in mind. The consultation appointment is your opportunity to get answers to any questions you have about the desired procedure. The doctor will also set realistic expectations about the type of results you can expect to see after the procedure.


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