Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, uses liposuction to remove stubborn fat from the patient’s own body. A small incision is made and a cannula is inserted into the layers of fat. A solution of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine, along with the motion of the cannula, breaks up the fat cells. The fluid and fat cells are removed through a vacuum attached to the cannula. The fat is processed, purified and placed in the buttocks to give a more contoured and slimmer look. Since the transferred fat comes from the patient's own body, BBL carries a low risk of infection or rejection from the body. The injected fat provides a more curvy shape.

The ideal candidates for a BBL include patients with enough fat on a portion of their body that can easily be removed and transferred into the buttocks. In addition, people who have achieved their weight loss goal but still have localized areas of stubborn fat that are proving resistant to diet and exercise are good candidates. Other ideal candidates include patients with sagging or small buttocks, disproportionate or asymmetrical buttocks, flat buttocks or people who have experienced a change in the shape of the buttocks due to a large weight loss.

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift depends on the results desired by the patient. Overall, the cost runs anywhere in the range of $2450 to $10,425. The final cost is also determined by the area of the country where the BBL is performed, the surgeon's fee, any facility fees and after-care fees and medications.

There will immediately be an improvement in the areas where the liposuction was performed as well as the shape of the buttocks. It can take 12 weeks for the final results to be seen due to residual swelling and the body reabsorbing any remaining fat cells. Patient weight fluctuations can decrease or increase the volume of the buttocks. As long as the fat is harvested, processed and injected properly by the surgeon, the final results should be permanent. Overall, the length of the results depends on the skill of the surgeon and the patient following any post-care instructions.

Brazilian Butt Lift

submitted on   Fri Jan, 30, 2015 by Michael Salzhauer, MD, FACS     
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