Top 100 Illinois Cosmetic Doctors in 2021

Posted June 11, 2021
Meet the top 100 Illinois cosmetic doctors in 2021

Cosmetic surgery is a popular option all over the United States as patients choose cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance and gain a youthful look. While many patients consider traveling to New York or Los Angeles to have cosmetic surgery because of their prominence in popular culture, others decide to visit doctors in the middle of the country because of their expertise and skill in treatments ranging from Botox and fillers to breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and liposuction. Illinois is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery due to the large number of doctors currently providing patients the rejuvenated and refreshed look they desire from cosmetic procedures. Our research team has the information you need to find the best doctor in Illinois to perform cosmetic treatments that augment your look.

Here is our list of the Top 100 Illinois Cosmetic Doctors in 2021:

  1. Dr. Joshua Michael Adkinson
  2. Dr. Sonya Paisley Agnew
  3. Dr. Mohammed Alghoul
  4. Dr. Anuja Antony
  5. Dr. Bradley Lane Ashpole
  6. Dr. Stephen Robert Bayne
  7. Dr. Gregory Michael Bazell
  8. Dr. Beth Ann Bergman
  9. Dr. Sami Mouhammad Bittar
  10. Dr. Steven Bloch
  11. Dr. Jacob Bloom
  12. Dr. William Bull
  13. Dr. Renee Burke
  14. Dr. David Woosuk Chang
  15. Dr. Alan Chen
  16. Dr. Niki Christopoulous
  17. Dr. Lorri Cobbins
  18. Dr. Adam Cohen
  19. Dr. Donna Lyn Decamara
  20. Dr. Gordon Harris Derman
  21. Dr. Patricia Depoli
  22. Dr. Michael Sean Dewolfe
  23. Dr. Sara Rath Dickie
  24. Dr. David Alan Dreyfuss
  25. Dr. Gregory Dumanian
  26. Dr. Aric Eckhardt
  27. Dr. Marco Ellis
  28. Dr. Eric Thomas Elwood
  29. Dr. Matthew Rodrigo Endara
  30. Dr. Michael Epstein
  31. Dr. Gilbert Tresley
  32. Dr. Geoffrey Fenner
  33. Dr. James Christopher Ferlmann
  34. Dr. Julius Few
  35. Dr. Neil Anthony Fine
  36. Dr. Charles John Galanis
  37. Dr. Peter Geldner
  38. Dr. William Georgis
  39. Dr. Elias Gikas
  40. Dr. Mitchell F. Grasseschi
  41. Dr. Karol Gutowski
  42. Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Hagarty
  43. Dr. Jennifer Hein
  44. Dr. Todd Hewell
  45. Dr. Michael Horn
  46. Dr. Michael Alan Howard
  47. Dr. Lawrence Iteld
  48. Dr. Ricardo Izquierdo
  49. Dr. Carolyn Jacob
  50. Dr. Raymond Vincent Janevicius
  51. Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar
  52. Dr. Glyn Evan Jones
  53. Dr. Peter Johnson
  54. Dr. Richard Kopolovic
  55. Dr. George James Kouris
  56. Dr. Philip Gregory Lambruschi
  57. Dr. Raphael Carl Lee
  58. Dr. Victor Lamar Lewis
  59. Dr. Daniel Zhidi Liu
  60. Dr. Stephen Anthony Madry
  61. Dr. Vincent Makhlouf
  62. Dr. Evan Tom Manolis
  63. Dr. Florence Mussat
  64. Dr. Michael Wallace Neumeister
  65. Dr. Robert Joseph Paresi
  66. Dr. Julie Eunnah Park
  67. Dr. Allan Jay Parungao
  68. Dr. Lisa Jeanne Peters
  69. Dr. Vincent Pelletiere
  70. Dr. Jay Pensler
  71. Dr. Otto Placik
  72. Dr. Landon Scott Pryor
  73. Dr. John Rachel
  74. Dr. Talmage Joseph Raine
  75. Dr. Laura Catherine Randolph
  76. Dr. Jose Rios
  77. Dr. Robert Russell
  78. Dr. Michael Salvino
  79. Dr. Alexandrina Saulis
  80. Dr. Clark Schierle
  81. Dr. Anil Shah
  82. Dr. James Schlenker
  83. Dr. James Schuetz
  84. Dr. David Shifrin
  85. Dr. Alison Shore
  86. Dr. Steven Reyes Sigalove
  87. Dr. Sam Speron
  88. Dr. Ronald Hector Stefani
  89. Dr. Iliana Elias Sweis
  90. Dr. Anthony Terrasse
  91. Dr. Aras Donatas Tijunelis
  92. Dr. Gregory Turowski
  93. Dr. Darl Kirk Vandevender
  94. Dr. Robert Lee Walton
  95. Dr. Jeremy Patrick Warner
  96. Dr. Kelli Nicole Webb
  97. Dr. Thomas Anthony Wiedrich
  98. Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig
  99. Dr. Irvin Michael Wiesman
  100. Dr. Lawrence Samuel Zachary

Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in Illinois – How the Doctors were Picked

When researching the list of doctors for the 2021 list, the Cosmetic Team research team considered a number of items while compiling the list. The Cosmetic Town intelligent system was used to examine the following items:

  • Each doctor on the list needed to have current board-certification in order to make our Top 100 list. If you want to check the board-certification status of your doctor of choice, you can visit to get more information on the credentials of the doctor. Doctors that perform cosmetic surgery in the United States doctors should be a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
  • Consumer research, that focused on the field of cosmetic surgery, was performed by our research team through the use of an intelligent algorithm. The areas included in our consumer research efforts included the relevant training of each doctor, proven patient results, patient reviews and the years of medical experience of each doctor.
  • The Cosmetic Town team examined the research and peer sharing efforts performed by the doctors on a consistent basis. The peer sharing efforts needed to include the act of writing medical articles intended for publication in medical journals.
  • The amount of education efforts the doctors performed with their patients on a regular basis was also examined. The type of educational efforts conducted by the doctors could include blogs on their website, patient Q&A, relevant medical articles and online educational videos on their website or websites such as Cosmetic Town that specialize in patient education.

Top Illinois Cosmetic Doctors – Your Next Steps

Now that you know the names of the Top 100 Illinois Cosmetic Doctors in 2021, you can start to plan your cosmetic surgery procedure. Once you have performed your own research efforts, you can contact one of the doctors from the Top 100 list above and schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your desired cosmetic surgery. The doctor will perform an examination to determine your overall health and to make sure you are an ideal patient for your desired procedure. The doctor will also answer your questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure and set realistic expectations about the type of results you can expect to see after the treatment.

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